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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Better Bentley Azur Pictures.

The Robert Jankel Rolls Royce or Bentley Azur is one future thinking car. In both coupe and convertible versions.

The car has been subject to a Bentley spotting posting here but not many picture were available at the time.

So lets admire the coachbuilt modern Crewe cars.

A Jankel built Bentley Azur, pre Bentley Azure. I do find it quite interesting that Jankel built this car - then a similar car was built and named Azure by the factory.

Very pre-emptive. Very future thinking.

A Rolls Royce Azur drop head coupe.

It could live in my driveway.

I wonder where they are now.

Pictures courtesy (Jankel PR)

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At 11:01 am, Blogger X-Filer said...

I wonder if you'd know the built year of these cars...?


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