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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Bentley Azur

Yes I have not made a spelling mistake. And no I am not talking the Bentley Azure based on the Bentley Continental R/T.

I am talking about the Bentley Azur by Robert Jankel. The coachbuilt 2 door Bentley based on the Bentley Turbo R. It was the competitor to the Hooper 2 door as featured previously.

Robert Jankel shortened the wheelbase of the Bentley Turbo R to make this 2 door coupe. Presumably by around 4 inches, say a reverse of the Bentley Turbo RL version. The design was in collaboration with Pininfarina.

As shown, it came in both convertible and fixed coupe form. Both versions were called the Azur.

Pictures of these vehicles are very hard to find, and I have only managed to locate the Jankel Press release photos, taken on the familiar speckled gravel drive out the front of Robert Jankel's headquarters.

Here is a very low quality photo of a black version from the brochure.

The photos are so hard to come by, that I present a model of a Rolls Royce Spirit based Jankel Azur.

These cars are quite interesting, and hopefully more information will follow.

Pictures courtesy(Jankel, VF Americars)

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