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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ladies Entering Bentleys

This post is a little wrong, but I will do it anyway.

Ladies entering Bentleys. The right and wrong ways. Firstly we shall start with the right way to enter a Bentley.

What better authority to show us etiquette than the Queen? Her Bentley as explained previously here is an excellent example.

It does help that even with your hat on the car door is still a head taller than you. What a proper modern Royal Carriage.

Now the wrong way.

What better female Bentley driver to show us the wrong way to enter a Bentley than Paris Hilton? From recently being caught as an unlicensed driver in her Bentley Continental GTC, and having previously run out of petrol, and further crashing her GTC into a bin, and finally enjoying washing a Bentley Arnage - Paris shows us the wrong way to enter a Bentley.

But it does look good.

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