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Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Derby Bentley experience.

Ever dreamed of sitting in the front seat of a older Bentley. Sure you have. Ever dreamed about driving one? Yes. What would if feel like? It would definitely be an experience.

Lets dream. Take this 1936 Derby Bentley 4 1/4 Litre British racing green drop head coupe open tourer. Nice car. Bet it goes as well.

Now lets think of the toughest and most demanding purpose-built race track in the world. One which is usually open to the public, but also used to test the best cars of today. Even the modern prototypes. The Nürburgring.

Now imaging taking the Derby Bentley 4 1/4 Litre out on the Nürburgring and racing against other vintage cars of the same era. Wow.

Play the video of this experience.

Pictures (Concept Carz)

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