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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Matte Black Bentley Continental GTM Monaco

The British company Specialist Cars GB, otherwise called Amari Super Cars has released a special edition of the Bentley Continental GT, called the Bentley GTM Monaco.

The stand out of this special car is the matte black paint.

It also sports new wheels and a new front fender vent. Better add this type of vent to the list of Bentley vents here.

The car has been spotted on the street by user Kakker, and is currently for sale for £179,995

Nice Bentley Spotting Kakker

This year at the Geneva Motor Show another matte black car was shown, then time a Rolls Royce New Phantom, by Mansory. It seemingly does not look real.

It is real - and I'm sure it will be hard to keep clean!

Pictures courtesy (Kakker of, Amari Super Cars, Jalopnik )

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