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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Coachbuilding the Carmarge

The Rolls Royce Carmarge is an interesting car, where it was designed a Bentley and out of 530 ever made, only one was actually a Bentley. All the others were Rolls Royce cars.

This one is a bit different however.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

Yes they have chopped off the roof. See another convertible and the only Bentley Carmargue in a previous post here.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

The wheels are been updated. These are reproduction plastic hubcaps, but they do look good. They occasionally appear on ebay.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

The front headlights have also been modified. Instead of the Bentley twin round headlights, the car has been fitted with more Rolls Royce like square headlights. They look very similar to Silver Spirit lamps.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

This is the same car a number of years before sporting different wheels.

Rolls-Royce Carmague convertible

I think Pininfarina would approve of a convertible Carmargue.

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