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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Updating the Camargue

The Bentley Camargue is one rare vehicle. There is only one. From 1985 SCBYJ000XFCH10150.

There it is.

A previous article here explains that the Camargue was actually designed as a Bentley with twin circular headlights. Here is a design sketch.

The design also called for square headlights as well, presumably for the Rolls Royce versions.

The rear is sporting the Flying B badge in the sketches.

Now to updating one. The standard is to add modern wheels. Say 17" Bentley Turbo R wheels from the 1990's. They certainly update the Camargue.

Another example of newer wheels from the rear.

Or you could go down the coach building path. Lop the roof off, and change the Bentley headlight to the Rolls Royce version as per what the designer envisioned, not what Crewe delivered.

Again another coach built example. Convertible, with limited front end modifications.

But look at the rear! Wrap around rear lights. They go very well with the Camargue, quite modern.

How about this beauty! After doing a bumper bar comparison as described previously, how about installing a 1997 Bentley Turbo RT front bumper on a Camargue. Well it is the same dimensions, so why not! It is what Phantom Motor Cars of Surrey did. Sure is a hit in my books.

Events like these give you a great opportunity to do some tinkering to the look of the Camargue.

There has been some previous Camargue Press Images, so why not some more.

A very high resolution photograph, ideal for a computer Desktop image.

Pictures (Phantom Motor Cars, Rolls Royce PR, Webfinds)

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At 8:33 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The rear lights on picture camargue.vert.2.jpg are from an older Audi 100, like this one:


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