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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Vivienne Westwood and Bentley

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Famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood has teamed up with Bentley Milano for one of her fashion shows.

A beautiful 1992 Bentley Continential is parked out the front, and Vivienne Westwood gets driven around Milan in a current Flying Spur.

Her designs are synonymous with the punk and new wave fashion movements.

Here she is with on of her more famous t shirts.

And here it is from behind. The 1992 Bentley Continential that is.

The year the car was made, Vivienne received an OBE for her work in British fashion.

She shocked the world by wearing a see through blouse at the ceremony, then when she turned around, her skirt raised to reveal that she was not wearing underwear.

In 2006 The Prince of Wales made Vivienne a DBE, a Dame Commander of the British Empire, here is a photo from that occasion. She later stated that she was not wearing any underwear again.

It is therefore appropriate that Bentley parked a topless car out the front.

Some of her male fashion is a little questionable. I do not think they are wearing Lobb shoes like other Bentley drivers as written about previously here.

The car is sporting slightly unusual wheels which kind of go with Vivienne Westwood fashion. They are chrome Bentley Turbo R wheels. Quite rare on a Continential.

Pictures (Bentley Milano, Webfinds)

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