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Monday, April 02, 2007

John Lobb Ltd and Bentley.

A pair of shoes, or a Bentley T2?

We have to take a look at the shoes. That was obvious for female Bentley drivers. But seriously they must be pretty bloody good shoes. They are.

I am not sure that Rolls Royce and Bentley would have believed that in twenty years after the photo was taken, a single pair of shoes from John Lobb Ltd would be more expensive than the Bentley out the front. They are.

Crocodile Shoes £5,833.00, Attaché Case £1,320.09, Embroidered Shoe Bags £104.17 and these prices are not including 17% VAT. Plus a surcharge if you are measured overseas.

The Kangaroo Laceless shoe.

John Lobb Ltd and Bentley

"Designed to meet this demand to combine smartness wit ease. Having no laces to tie, it can easily be put on standing up, with along shoe horn.* Useful for indoor or outdoor wear it is made in full-brogue, half-brogue or plain styles. The elastic may be hidden by a leather covering if wished.

Kangaroo is a most exclusive leather of glove-like suppleness, yet tough and durable. It has an attractive small grain and takes a high polish easily.
* Supplied in Long-Horn, 20" long, approximately."

Now the old Bentley press release of the then new Bentley T2 out the front of the LOBB store in the West End.

John Lobb Ltd and Bentley

And how does it look today? Lets have a bow peep via Google street view.

Sorry no Bentley.

Picture courtesy (John Lobb Ltd, old Bentley PR)

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