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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Springfield Bentley

The Simpsons seem to reference everything in pop culture, so have they referenced Bentley motor cars?

The answer is yes!

In episode [3F01] titled Home Sweet Home- Diddily- Dum- Doodily that aired on the 1st October 1995 a Bentley dealership was featured in the Simpsons.

The reference was that Homer started wearing a monocle, so he went for a test drive in a Bentley Continental.

The Bentley salesman's voice was by Harry Shearer a la Spinal Tap, and he also does the voices for Skinner, Ned, Flub and Rev. Lovejoy.

Homer apparently grabbed the two free day spa tickets from the Bentley dealer and made a run for it.

Picture courtesy (Fox)



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