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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Hooper Silver Corniche

A Silver Corniche? Confused? Rightly so.

This is what happened when coachbuilder Hooper blended a Rolls Royce Silver Spirit with a Rolls Royce Corniche fixed head coupe.

A lot of word is needed to mount Silver Spirit headlights to a Corniche fixed head coupe. It is not simply a couple of bolts.

The year was 1993, looks like it should have been done in 1983. Hooper may still be around today if they got the decade right.

My prediction is that someone will buy the Hooper name and revive it as a modern day coach builder for current Rolls Royce and Bentley cars. That's the way the industry is heading.

The car also has a brother!

Here is another example that is right hand drive, based on a 1978 Corniche.

The front quarter panels certainly have had a lot of work.

Picture (Maurice)

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At 6:34 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the top picture is the second corniche made with silver spirit front head lamps.the owner (an american) had his gold plated corniche stripped back to chrome and stainless steel (the body work was originaly white). the corniche in the bottom picture belonged to colin hyams. if you look closely there is a difference in the front wings just above the head light wich shows that they realy were hand built.


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