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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Flying Brown Spur by Mansory

The cliché is that you can tell a person by their customised car.

This one is a hard one to judge. Call they psychologist.

It is a Bentley Continental Flying Spur Mansory FS 63 well, in brown. Different.

This car certainly flies around the continent as it should, and have been spotted in Germany and France plenty of times.

The following photos were taken by a user Emil in France in August 2007.

Nice Bentley Spotting Emil.

The company Mansory virtually do a complete rebuild of the car and customise most aspects and the interior and exterior, as well as souping up the engine. Not that it needs it.

This time spotted at a different location.

It certainly would be a surprising sight. I would grab the camera.

And again.

At dusk the colour takes on a more menacing look.

I do think it is a winner. Very risky, but so Bentley. I sound like a marketing guy.

The car does ooze confidence.

Pictures (Emil from, webfinds)

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