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Sunday, October 28, 2012

RROCA Victorian Branch Concours d'Elegance

Brad sent in these great photos of the Rolls-Royce Owners Club Victorian Branch Annual Concours d'Elegance held in early September at Wesley College, Melbourne.

Here is a great overview.

Quite literally.

A fully overview.

There you go - 4 photos, seen all 85 cars.

Well not quite in detail.

Here are some detailed photos.

Thanks so much Brad for sending in the photos, much appreciated.

Best in Show for Motorclassica 2012

This 1952 Bentley R-Type Continental fastback by H.J Mulliner chassis BC12A won Best in Show for Motorclassica 2012.

Check out this quick video.

Owned by Barry Fitzgerald of East Melbourne, congratulations. It is a great car.

When I first saw it, I knew it would win.

Governor-General's Rolls-Royce Phantom VI

This was a nice day.

Going for a walk and what do I see?

It is the State car of Australia, the Governor-General of Australia's Rolls-Royce Phantom VI

I do very much like it.

The numberplate is, the car simply display's St Edward's Crown.

Quite a rare sight for a non-ceremonial occasion.

Mustard on the T

Being a picnic event at Motorclassica, what should any self respecting Rolls-Royce or Bentley owner bring along?

Grey Poupon of course. I noticed it straight away on the dash of this Bentley T.

And for the non-Americans who are not sure of the great Grey Poupon advertisements featuring Crewe cars, here is an example.

This car was also interesting as it featured patriotic stickers.

Even to the quarter panels where it is more usual to see the Union Jack.

I got chatting to the owner Brad to see if I could borrow any mustard.

It was decided that baloney and weaners were not really our thing, Maccas drive through was more the style for our Bentleys.

Interestingly enough we both discussed how difficult one particular McDonald's drive through in Canberra was the navigate in a Bentley.

We then got chatting about SY and SZ cars.

I had never seen the fuse box of a Bentley T, so I checked it out.

Proper engineering that!

Brad, it was nice to meet you.

Motorclassica 2012 - Picnic with the Classics

At Motorclassica 2012 there is a free event outside called Picnic with the Classics.

This year the Rolls-Royce Owner Club of Australia, Victoria Branch rolled up.

And check this one out.

Bentley R Type Continental.

It is a great car. The fastback body by H.J Mulliner is superb.

Only 208 of these were ever made.

Two made it to Motorclassica. This one outside, and the other - Best in Show.

I've only ever spotted 3 in real life - two of these today!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

I picked the winner!

Best in show for Motorclassica 2012 is the Bentley R-Type Continental.

Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost

Go the Ghost.

Love it!

Go the R-type Conti

The winner is just about to be announced.

I want it to be this one.

Bentleys at Motorclassica

There are a number of Bentleys on display at Motorclassica today.

RROC at Motorclassica

I'm here!

And so is the RROC Australia, Victoria branch.

Derick Bell at Motorclassica

Last year Derick Bell was a guest.

Here is a picture, with the owner of the best in show.

Motorclassica Today

I'm at the airport quite early today.

Going to Melbourne to attend Motorclassica.

Last year a W.O Bentley won best in show.

Here it is.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Adventures in Caryland

The Old Girl is now wintering in Cary, Illinois for a bit of minor surgery.
A good trip out there.
We set off yesterday evening.
First stage. Meet the parents.
Then up at three am - Gotta get coffee...
Bad shot,  but  "Ya Gotta Get Tims".
Wherever you go people love these cars...
London, Ontario 3.15 am:
Oh-oooh  red sky in the morning...
The rain didn't last long. But this thing is:
Beautiful fall colours,
There are things you should NOT do in a Rolls-Royce. I broke the rule:
What shade of red is she, again sir?
Now the rain - ten minutes from the end of the 900 km journey.
You need rubbers in this weather...
Rodd's place is just what I needed for a Silver Shadow fix.
The car too - rear ride height issues to be resolved.
Shadows galore (Wraith II's too)
"Cary on Rolling..."
Now for the Evil Knievel Silver Shadow jump across a shop full of others...
I want that for my bedroom wall...
But onto the serious stuff:
The Old Girl is in good hands:
(Posted by David Irvine)

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