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Monday, April 27, 2009

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed Kit

There is a new body kit for the Bentley Continental GT on the scene. It's 16 pieces of plastic made by Hamann Motorsport.

Here is the video.

It comes with the current fashion of LED day driving lights up front.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

It sports quite large wheel arch flares.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

And a rear spoiler with vent in the rear bumper bar.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

From the steering wheel one can tell it is a Speed model.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

The engine management is also fiddled with, and includes a sports end muffler with oval stainless steel end pipes. The result for the Continental GT Speed engine is an extra output of approx. 40hp /29kW and a torque increase by 90 Newton metres.

That makes it about a 5km faster top speed.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

The first example is currently in the Hamann showroom in Dubai.

Hamann Imperator Bentley Continental GT Speed

Hamann Imperator

A gallery with more picture is available here.

Hamann Imperator

Bentley GT

Pictures and Video courtesy (Hamann Motorsport)

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rolls Royce Ghost

Here it is, the new Rolls Royce Ghost.

The official name of the car is 'Ghost'. That is it. No 'Silver Something Quite', just Ghost. The Rolls Royce Ghost.

It will take a little time to get used to, unless I just not call it that.

My first reaction once reading the press release was, 'That name is shit'.

I'm not even much of a traditionalist, but come on, there is such thing as precedence of naming this car.

It is as follows:
Silver Ghost
Silver Wraith
Silver Dawn
Silver Cloud
Silver Shadow
Silver Spirit
Silver Seraph

So why then just 'Ghost'?

Any person could work it out that it is meant to be the Rolls Royce Silver Something-or-Rather. Not just 'Ghost'.

I do not know. I think they have made a mistake. I'm not happy.

I'm not into campaigning, but say at the next RROC meeting bring it up in conversation that some letters may need to be written to the factory stating that the name of the new car is not sufficient.

I'm going to call it the new Rolls Royce Silver Ghost for the time being.


Walter Owen Bentley Etching by B. Lehmann

I do like it when companies commission artists to do work.

Here is an example from Bentley Motors commissioning an etching by Bernd Lehmann.

Nice nice results.


Other Cars with AX201

Most people know the number plate AX201 from the Silver Ghost below.

In New Zealand it can be seen on a Silver Shadow.

And check this out. In Canada it can be seen on a Silver Spirit.

Parked next to a Silver Ghost that is.

Thank for the people who sent in the photos.

Premier Sheet Metal - Bentley Coach Builder

Interestingly Bentley Motors out sources its coach building of the extended Bentley Arnage.

The Bentley Arnage RL 250, the Arnage RL 450 and the largest Arnage 728 are all made not by Mulliner, but in fact another company altogether call Premier Sheet Metal of Coventry.

Bentley Arnage 728

Below is a high quality photo from a Premier Sheet Metal brochure demonstrating their metal fabrication skills.

And as you can see it is a Bentley Arnage RL 728, with a comparison to a completed one below.

The body then gets shipped back to Bentley for Mulliner to do all their detailed magic to the car.

From the photo the car being made is a post 2005 model with the new style headlights. This viewing angle of the Arnage is a little different.

Here are further photographs of an Arnage RL 728 body being made at Premier Sheet Metal.

You learn something everyday!

Photos courtesy (Premier Sheet Metal)

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