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Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Rolls Royce Ghost

Here it is, the new Rolls Royce Ghost.

The official name of the car is 'Ghost'. That is it. No 'Silver Something Quite', just Ghost. The Rolls Royce Ghost.

It will take a little time to get used to, unless I just not call it that.

My first reaction once reading the press release was, 'That name is shit'.

I'm not even much of a traditionalist, but come on, there is such thing as precedence of naming this car.

It is as follows:
Silver Ghost
Silver Wraith
Silver Dawn
Silver Cloud
Silver Shadow
Silver Spirit
Silver Seraph

So why then just 'Ghost'?

Any person could work it out that it is meant to be the Rolls Royce Silver Something-or-Rather. Not just 'Ghost'.

I do not know. I think they have made a mistake. I'm not happy.

I'm not into campaigning, but say at the next RROC meeting bring it up in conversation that some letters may need to be written to the factory stating that the name of the new car is not sufficient.

I'm going to call it the new Rolls Royce Silver Ghost for the time being.



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