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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Alserkal Avenue, the Arts District Dubai

So, like art?

Well trolling through Instagram - which by the way, I'm uploading pictures I've taken on a daily basis - check my feed you come across interesting things.

Like finding out where the cool art is made an exhibited in Dubai.

It's on Alserkal Avenue and it's called the Arts District Dubai.

There are about 20 edgy galleries, studios and a private museum in a suburb of warehouses and factories.

Here it is on a arts night. Check out more here

Well one artists work caught my eye.

Splatter painting Jackson Pollock style on made objects seems to be the expression.

Nice enough.

Then creative types get creative.

But why am I writing this on Bentley Spotting?

Well, it's Art Week in Dubai, and what's outside is causing a stir.


Yep, it's a Bentley Arnage.

Just #wow.

It is certainly impacting.

No longer just a Bentley.

Now it's art.

But what is art?

Is it art?


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