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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Bentley Drivers Club Tour the Factory at Crewe

The Bentley Drivers Club 'Britain by Bentley' Tour 2011 started off on the 4 June and is set to conclude on the 4 July.The tour met at the Savoy, where they were greeted by Old Number 8.

The Press Release from the start of the tour from the Bentley Drivers Club is here.

Then the tour was off to explore Britain by Bentley.

The tour consisted of a variety of Bentleys, from 1924 3-litre vintage models through a 2009 Brooklands.

The tour is in fact still on going, and is in its final week.

It looks like people are enjoying themselves.

At about the half way mark, the tour went to Crewe to explore the Factory.

The classic tour group photo shot. Memories.

Now taking a look around the Factory.

This photo setting is generally reserved for the newest members of the Bentley family, and it is quite nice to see the ancestors turn up for some family portraits.

Gday to all the Aussies on the trip.

It is good to see a Victorian car.

As well as one from New South Wales.

Send in photos of the trip if you like.

Here is a video of the pip stop at Crewe, produced by Bentley Motors.

Take care drivers!

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