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Monday, April 30, 2012

The Rat Trap

Yeah, yeah, The Boomtown Rats.....
Also part of your Rolls-Royce - well many of them. It controls the very complicated braking system.
Here's an old Rolls-Royce advertisement describing it:
Today at our RROC tech session north of Toronto I volunteered my car for the job to learn about this system.
Here she is up in the air for all to see:
In a garage with some good company.
Nice people too...
Here's my Rat Trap uncovered. Scary stuff.
Yes, that wire is not supposed to be on the bottom like that....
But although I can't say I took it all in, I did learn quite a bit about how this highly complex (in it's day) system works. I even got a free brake system bleed out of it, and oh did she ever need one - air galore... I will change the fluid properly next week.
The weather was fantastic - a gorgeous Ontario spring day.
A great day out with fellow club members and a big thankyou to all those who organized it. I'm not giving out names for privacy.
The old girl felt better on the return trip thanks to 'Mr.W'.
Even the nasty wind noise from the driver's door is gone after his quick 'chiropractic' move. Unbelievable...
Summer's coming.
(Posted By David Irvine)


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