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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen

Take a look at this one. Looks familiar?

Take a look from the side.

Last chance to guess.

Did you pick it?

This is a tribute to HM The Queen's Bentley State Limousine, given to her on her Silver Jubilee.

Bentley call it the Mulsanne Diamond Jubilee Edition, and 60 of the cars will be made.

When I first saw the car, my appropriateness metre kicked in.

So in 2002 at her Silver Jubilee, Bentley gave her a State limousine. Very nice.

Now at the Diamond Jubilee, there is no gift, just a marketing opportunity to exploit to flog off 60 Mulsannes. Not the nicest of presents.

Then it gets more unusual. Bentley are not flogging them off to Monarchist who wear tweed somewhere in the Commonwealth, they are selling them to the Chinese so they can pretend to be the Queen of England!

It was also the first time that I am aware in the history of Bentley Motors that they released the press release in Chinese.

But it is ok, as it is to celebrate Diamond Jubilee of HM The Queen. Let's drop the appropriateness, and get back to looks.

I quite like it.

Even from behind.

What is a little bit special as well in the interior.

Take a look.

You can't go past the cushions. There is always a fine line between tacky and taste.

Even on the picnic tables.

As well a not so subtly on the front dash. The carriage is the old logo of Mulliner Park Ward, so it is quite nice that Bentley Mulliner is still using it.

Comparing to the Queen's car, they should have made the front seats in the darker leather as the arm rests. It would have been a better copy, sorry tribute.

Lets compare the front of both.

Now the Queens.

I really think that Bentley should have vains as an option for this car. There is no need to put the sporting mesh on the car.

What do others think?

I would not mind asking the Queen's driver.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

You wound not want the Royal Mews to become too common.


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