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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bentley Continential GT Speed by Zagato

"Italian Carrozzeria (coachbuilder), Zagato, the most famous Automotive Atelier in the world is developing a unique, coachbuilt body for a Bentley, one of the world’s most beautiful and desirable cars."

The first word was released in December when Zagato was working on the body. The Bentleyspotting report was given here.

And here are the leaked pictures before the Geneva Motor Show.

Introducing the Bentley Continential GT Speed by Zagato.

The Zagato design style is certainly reviled in the body.

It is voluptuously and bulbous yet still in proportion.

It is certainly an Italian suit, where it looks beyond the normal but familiar, to a more stunning and tight fitted version of the standard.

The kind of thing you pay a lot more for for a only slight difference, where that difference though holds its value and signaficance throughout the ages.

More to be reviled when it gets officially released. Stay tuned car collectors.

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