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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Behaviour of Previous Owners

This story is a little different, but certainly made me smile.

A Bentley Spotting reader David who grow up in Northern Ireland, and now lives in Canada sent in a few emails. Here are some extracts.

"Hi there, greetings from snowy Canada again. I've been mad on Rolls-Royces and Bentleys since I was a kid in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Every summer I'd spend a few weeks at my Grandfather's place in London. I used to wander around London taking photos of RRs and Bentleys. So needless to say, I have about 200 photos of mid to late 70's new Camargues, Shadow II's ,Bentley T II's etc, etc on the streets thirty years ago, all in albums in my basement."

Bentley Spotting whilst wearing flares and large collars, I like it.

Then came this.

"Hi, you do have a great web site. Hope you find this amusing.

The first picture is of a car that Flying Spares is dismantling."

"The second is an actual photo I took in London, Easter 1979. I took the photo of the Silver car, which was brand new then, because I could not believe how the owner treated his car. Look how the rear fog lamps are bent in on the pile of sand. Somewhere along the line the car has been repainted black or dark blue, and you can see the silver showing where the tail lamps have been removed in the Flying Spares photo."

"That poor car was destined for the wreckers from day one, but it did take 30 years. What amazes me is that I actually recognised the number plate on the Flying Spares car as one of my 200 or so photos taken back in the late 70's and early 80's!"

What a great story. Hopefully David will send in more photos from the '70.

Thanks David.

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