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Sunday, July 08, 2007

A Change of Headlights

I have been thinking about this for some time, and finally I have come about to post my idea.

First some development history.

In 1991 Bentley released the popular Continental R. Here are the original headlights when released.

The car was also the basis of the Azure that lasted until 2003. Over the period 1991 till 2003 the headlights were changed to the ones below. The indicator has moved to become part of the bumper and it gives the car a cleaner look.

In 1998 the Bentley Arnage was released. These are the headlights that first appeared on the car.

In 2005 Bentley changed the headlight on the Arnage to the ones below. To me, they are more of a design devolution going back to the original Continental R type headlights, reflecting the further move away from Rolls Royce. The above headlights were shared with the Rolls Royce Seraph.

The 2005 Arnage are the same as the current Azure and the 2008 Brooklands.

How here is where my brain starts ticking.

The other Bentley model from 1981 till 1998 was the Turbo R. Did those headlights change over the many many years? Well there was the option for the square Rolls Royce headlight, but really nothing changed with the twin circle Bentley headlight.

Of course that got the creative juices flowing.

Here are the standard Bentley Turbo R headlights.

Some more.

Now how about if I photoshop on some current Arnage headlights? Yeah lets do some modification. Custom coachbuilding if you may.

Lets have a look.

Ok the photoshop job is not the best, but the idea I think is spot on! It makes the car really new.

If you changed the light to the same as below, the 2008 Brooklands I think it would look even better.

After spending a bit of time on the photoshop trying to get the design right, I remembered someone else had done a similar thing before. It was the Gaines Wood Rolls Royce Phantom with older headlights, not newer as I was trying to do.

It is a big possibility for the future.

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