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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bentley Dior

Well not quite, to my knowledge Bentley and Dior have not teamed up, unlike Breitling and Bentley, were Breitling for Bentley is becoming quite popular.

Watch out for Dior Homme their clothes are really good!

I'm guessing this Bentley Continental GT owner was trying on some new clothes.

This is one fashionable car. Black rims with the contrasting B centre badge. Nice. It looks really good. This guy knows how to shop.

It got me thinking. How would this look on the previous model? No one, well, highly unlikely that anyone would have put black wheels on a black Turbo R before.

I still wanted to see how it would look though. So I had to do it myself. Thanks to photoshop.

Cool, but not quite as cool as the GT. Still cool though, it would put a big smile on my face if I saw it down the shops.

Here is the original photograph. This car is actually a Turbo RT, one of the last made in this body shape.

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