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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bentley Donington Special

In the 1970's a company called Johnard Vintage cars, or Halse engineering of Sussex re-bodied a number of 1950's Bentley Mark VI standard steel cars with roadster bodies.

The roadster body was designed by John Guppy and 16 cars of this type were made. They were built by John Guppy and Dudley Beck.

This one is said to have been owned by Elton John.

They were named after the Donington Park Grand Prix circuit.

This example was on the Peking to Paris rally.

A Donington Special on the streets of Japan.

This one was sold at auction in 2006 and the details can be found here.

Chelsea Cars currently has this version for sale at the moment here. The car was previously passed in at auction here.

Another was sold at auction, Chassis number B89EW, engine number B249E and rego KYR 188 previously here but there is no photograph available, and another possibility here.

Most likely all these cars would appear in the book 'Bentley Specials and Special Bentleys' by Ray Roberts which can be purchased from Amazon, or

I will add to this gallery as I come across more Bentley Donington Specials on the internet. Should I aim for all 16 cars? 6 out of 16 is not a bad start.

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At 8:46 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm looking for some parts about that car.
Any body can help me?
I'm lloking for bonnet etc.

At 8:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have one in my garage ... photo can be found at

I have been researching this subject for a while ... and have seen pictures of all the cars you have posted ... just had never heard them referred to as Halse cars. I thought that all 16 of the Halse cars were identical in body.

I have pictures of more than 10 of the Halse cars. I only overlap you on the orange one. If I remember right, the orange one was living in California for a while, then sold back to the UK.

We should cross reference some notes on the subject.

At 3:16 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Todd is correct. Your site confuses the Johnard/Guppy Donington with the Halse. Only the top 3 pictures on your site are Doningtons - the rest are a mix from different shops. I own Donington 5 of 16 and it has a identification plate different than that shown, which is for a Halse.


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