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Monday, December 31, 2007

Hooper Coachbuilt Model Photos

Some one had a bit too much eggnog on Christmas day.

Let my explain.

Bidding whilst drunk is not the best idea, as there is a chance that you can go a little over board. That is why logging on to ebay after a few sometimes may not be the best idea.

Lets take ebay Item number: 250198922409. The auction ended on Christmas day.


Here it is.

What it is is a black folder of photos of Hooper coach built cars.

Lets open it and have a look inside.

Great they are A4 size colour photos of Hooper examples. I would certainly love to have it. It would definitely be another 25 or so Bentley Spotting articles.

Look, it's the press photo of the Hooper Empress II written about many times before.

Bentley Hooper Empress II

Now to the actual text of the ad.

"Offered For Bid, Is A Photographic Presentation From Hooper & Co. Coachbuilders, To A Dealership, Featuring Some Of Their Rare & Unusual Models. These Photos Were Presented In A Black, Vinyl, 9 3/8" x 12 3/8", Binder. The Photos Are Stored In Clear Vinyl Pockets, With The Company Letterhead Attached As A Background. In Total, There Are 31, 7 3/4" x 10", Full Color Photos. The Cover Of The Binder Features The Business Card Of The International Sales Representative. This Binder Was Sent To A Rolls/Bentley Dealership In Columbus, Circa 1985. All Photos Are In Excellent Condition."

So up for grabs is 31 pictures of Rolls Royce and Bentley tinkered cars from the 1980's. It is up my alley.

But how much is it worth? It had a reasonable starting price of US $14.95 with no reserve. Quite reasonable.

So what did the 31 pictures go for?

I do like this picture, rear sunroofs are something else.

Bidding was hot, and the final hammer price for these pictures was US $760.00.

Quite something else.

Here is something interesting that caught my eye. Have a look at the rear lights on this Camargue. Never seen that before. I seek more info!

As it happens, I did actually notice that a bidder was a Bentley Spotting reader, and in the past people have sent in photos from this folder before. So hopefully over time they will slowly appear on Bentley Spotting.

Here is a high resolution example that came from this folder. Fingers crossed I will be receiving more!

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Wow!! that is awesome!


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