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Saturday, March 15, 2008

A Bad Day at Work

The discussion board VWVortex has a member from Huron, Ohio, USA called 'Dustbmx' who posted this story.

"Today at work an Arnage T 60th ANN got stuck in the snow. I got out too go get a shovel and walk inside. And one of the other porters gets in too try and get it out. I hear a loud bang in the shop. I then go outside too see the tire had blown apart bead and all it ripped the bumper off. Dented the rear 1/4 beyond repair."

"sent one chunk of tire through into the trunk cutting wires and ****. One chunk flew off scuffing another car. Cut hydro lines. The blast was so intense it caused the airbag in the car to go off. Then a hour after the car was parked the tire that was in the trunk and cut some wires or something caught fire burning the trunk out."

"I have pics on my phone but cant make them send to my mail. At the end of the day i then lost my job even tho i wasn't even near the car when it happened. The owner of the dealer is lucky none of use were trying to push the car out when it happened. People could have gotten real hurt."

Certainly a bad day at work. OH&S inspector, anyone?

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