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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Ladies Making Ornaments

These lovely ladies are making pretty ornaments.

Hood ornaments, or more precisely radiator mascots.

Both Emily and the flying B.

rolls royce bentley mascot hood ornament flying lady emily

I presume they are no longer made this way. But you never know.

Picture ( forum member Simon West)

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On the Streets of New York City

I can see the movie plot already.

On the streets of New York city a conquering car emerges from the back of a truck.

bentley speed 8 le mans

It gets lowered to ground level, ready to take on everyone.

bentley speed 8 le mans

Then it prowls the streets looking for a race.

bentley speed 8 le mans

I think some explosions, pointless gun fire, midgets and chimpanzees need to be written into the script and we could have a hit.

The Bentley Speed 8 on the streets of New York City is certainly one remarkable sight.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Vintage Earls Court London Motor Show

From the 1959 Earls Court London Motor Show.

"At a little over £7000 comes the big Bentley.

Most expensive car in the show, with all the extras you can think of, fishing rods included."

It must be the Harold Radford Countrymen.

This is from the 1963 Earls Court London Motor Show.

"Indisputably number one"

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Matching Bentley Pair

So if you could only have two cars in your garage what would they be?

This match would certainly rate very highly amongst Bentley Drivers Club members.

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Bentley Turbo R Power Slides

Bloody Kiwi's doing crazy extreme stuff.

Bentley Turbo R Power Slide

Max Fletcher who organises the New Zealand Devils Run is out in his 666 Bentley Turbo R doing power slides.

Bentley Turbo R Power Slide

He has been featured on Bentley Spotting here before, with his 666 numbered Bentely Arnage T.

Bentley Turbo R Power Slide

Keep burning tyres. It is good for Bentleys.

Bentley Turbo R Power Slide

Pictures courtesy (bdreid10)

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Super Shiny Rolls Royce Corniche

In Florida they must have very special show and shine shops.

Rolls Royce Corniche

As shine on this 2000 Rolls Royce Corniche is far from normal.

Rolls Royce Corniche

I think it correlates to the amount of make-up and peroxide one wears in Florida. The more the better. They have applied the same concept here.

I do like the Florida uniform of sun glasses, loose shirts, linen pants and white shoes however.

High Resolution Pictures courtesy (paulnh1)

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New Bentley Continential Range

Recentley Bentley Spotting has discussed the 1990's range of Bentley Continential cars here. Now to the current range of Bentley Continentals.

The latest car in the range is the Bentley Continential GTC.

These are high resolution studio images of the car.

It certainly has been a popular car this year for Bentley buyers.

Now a family portrait of what is currently available. The Bentley Continential GT, the Bentley Continential Flying Spur and the Bentley Continential GTC.

So will this be next years Bentley Continential new family member?

I don't really think so, but go ask a coach builder.

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Rolls Royce Phantom Conquistador by Mansory

There is always an upwards creep in expectation to what actually defines a luxury sports car.

Here is a good example from this year.

The Rolls Royce Phantom Conquistador by Mansory.

I wonder what will happen in the next few years. Expect more coach building.

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Jankel Gold Label powered by Bentley

This car is another unusual Bentley powered car, similar to the Bentley Blazer by Jankel before.

Jankel Gold Label

It is called the Gold Label and was a coachbuilt car by Jankel.

Jankel Gold Label

As Jankel was the official Rolls Royce limousine builder where they made a total of 127 44" stretched cars, they also were allowed to purchase engines and other components direct from the company to make cars such as this.

The engine in this Gold Label is a Bentley turbo.

Jankel Gold Label

Here is the description of the Jankel Gold Label from the brochure.

The drawn design.

Jankel Gold Label

Now the complete page advertising this car in the Jankel brochure.

Jankel Gold Label

I wonder where they are today.

Send in pictures if you have them!

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Aussie W. O. Bentley

Here is a 1926 W.O. from Western Australia.

In high resolution.

Aussie W. O. Bentley

I do like it that it has a white kangaroo painted on the grill. Very Aussie.

It probably has vegimite in the picnic basket at the back as well.

Picture (wikimedia commons)

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Bentley Brooklands Video

The stock video footage of the new 2008 Bentley Brooklands has been out for a while.

No one has edited it thought, so I have taken the initiative and edited the video and added music to the footage.

Music by Kevin MacLeod titled 'C-Funk' available from

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Napier Bentley Hill Climb at Brooklands

Here on Bentley Spotting you get to experience emerging and new technologies on the Internet.

Napier Bentley

One can read about Virtual Bentley Spotting, experience interactive satellite images, watch videos, see animated images of Bentleys, the virtual browsing of books online, manipulated images and design of new Bentleys, and this one; multi camera video of a single event. In hack like style.

Napier Bentley

Let me explain. Many amateur videos appear on youtube all the time, and that is the point of the site. However, they are pretty much always single camera shaky video of an event. That is fine. But what happens if there are multiple youtubers at a single event?

Napier Bentley

Well they all take video of the same subject. Then comes the idea. How about if someone collects all the videos of a single event from all the youtubers, and re-edits the videos to make a multi camera video? Sound like a good idea. But is it technically possible? Well if you do your research an have a bit of multimedia knowledge you can do it. Just.

Napier Bentley

So I have attempted.

The event is the 1929 Napier Bentley Hill Climb at Brooklands. There is only one Napier Bentley, built on a 1929 8 Litre Bentley chassis with a 24 Litre Napier Sea Lion W12 aeroplane engine.

Napier Bentley

Firstly lets meet some Youtubers at the event.

Introducing youtube user danishpastryboy. His video of the event is here. He stands on the left hand side of the track, and takes great video of the engine and the start of the hill climb. Its up close, most likely would have felt the heat!

Napier Bentley

Now here is Youtube user allancalder. His video is here. He gets great close up footage of the cockpit and steering wheel, and zooms in for a close up of the finish. His sound recording from the higher position is excellent. Top job.

Napier Bentley

Introducing Youtube user Joyseeker. There video is here. It is shot from the top of the hill, and captures the Bentley after is has done its run as well. Nice.

Napier Bentley

Finally binks137. Their video is here. He shoots great footage of the Bentley before the start of the hill climb from the right side of the track. Ear plugs required.

Napier Bentley

Now here is my edit of all four angles. I am far from pro, but it does prove it is technically possible.

Yes there are too many edits in the video - but that is the point.

Technical information:
Keepvid was used to save video.
FLV Extact used to convert format.
Audacity used to clean audio.
MSU video filters used to clean video.
VirtualDub used to edit video.
Xvid used to compress video.
LAME used to compress audio.
GIMP used for photographs.
All the above software is available legally for FREE. They are just not that easy to use. So my idea can be done, but it is a bit complex and time consuming.

Pictures courtesy (Wheels-and-Wings)

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bentley Continential Range

So you thought you knew the Bentley Continential range in the 1990's?

There initially was the Bentley Continential R, then came along the Bentley Continential T.

This was followed by the rare Bentley Continential SC.

The final car based on the 1990's Bentley Continential was the Bentley Azure, the convertible version. This finished production in 2003.

Here they are lined up for comparison in high resolution.

Bentley Continential r t s

What happened though in the 1990's is that the Royal Family of Brunei wanted more than the four car range of standard Bentley Continentials.

They simply commissioned an expansion of this range.

Here they are.

A Bentley 4 door based on the Bentley Continential.

Bentley Continential r t s estate station wagon

Followed by a Bentley Estate, or station wagon based on the Bentley Continential.

These different coachbuilt Bentley cars have their own individual name, and it is presumed that they are called the Bentley Spectre.

I am yet to find pictures of a ute version to complete the range. One my come up, you never know with the Bentley buying public.

More on the Sultan of Brunei's different Bentleys here, and his different Rolls Royce cars here.

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The Bentley T

It is always nice to have a Bentley T in your collection.

But at other times, say if you are going down to the Corniche Beirut it is better to go topless. That is if local authorities allow of course.

The Bentley T shirt pops up occasionally on ebay. Non genuine Crewe part though.

Genuine Crewe accessories are avilable via The Bentley Collection or go through your local Bentley Drivers Club.

The Bentley Drivers Club NSW branch offers discount rates to members via their Club Shop here.

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The Shadow Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom VI was made from 1968 and the last model was produced in 1991. On a side note, a Phantom V was produced for the Royal Family of Brunei in 1995.

Here is a picture of a dusty example for something different.

It is one well proportioned limousine with occasional seats.

It was the last of the separate chassis body production cars made by Rolls Royce. They were hand made by Mulliner Park Ward, and through the 1980's featured a very similar engine and transmission to that of the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow.

In the 1970's Rolls Royce discussed the production of a Phantom VII.

It was to be based on the current Rolls Royce and Bentley model the Silver Shadow, and be a monocoque chassis with Phantom proportions.

Here is the design sketch.

None were produced however. Not even a prototype.

Here is what the actual Rolls Royce Phantom VII looked like.

Quite a similar profile.

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Rolls Royce Disturbed Spirit

One truly Disturbed Spirit.

Yes it is a real Rolls Royce.

Based on the previously Silver, but now Disturbed Spirit.

I think it is worst I have ever seen.

This Disturbed Spirit is even more wrong than the Andy Saunders made Bentley with Range Rover front and rear lights featured on Bentley Spotting before here.

Chopped indeed.

My eyes are hurting. Turn it off.

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Virtual Bentley Book Browsing

So, do you enjoy going to the book store and browsing books about Bentleys?

Well, in the same vain that now you no longer need to leave your seat to go Bentley Spotting thanks to Google and Virtual Bentley Spotting, you now can browse your book store from your home.

It is called Google Books.

Start browsing the above book here.

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Bill Shakespeare

Down by the banks of the Thames in Chelsea someone has their thinking cap on.

Shall I take the Aston or the Bentley?

That is the question.

Certainly a nice proposition. Look at the number plates.

Final picture courtesy (Ben Patio)

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