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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Virtual Bentley Spotting

Now this is quite far fetched, potentially very cool, an extreme time waster but really, simply a game.

Virtual Bentley Spotting. Let me explain.

Google Inc, the company that hosts and provides search functionality has many, many other aspects of their business. One of them is geospatial imagery provided by Google Earth, and the web based Google Maps.

It really is simply amazing.

We are going to be play Virtual Bentley Spotting with Google Maps Street View.

But first a demonstration of just how good Google Maps can be.

Below is an interactive satellite image of Africa. Use the + button on the top left side of the screen to zoom in. Click 20 times on the + zoom button. I have lined it up for a true surprise. (Do not move the map around, only press the + or it will not work.)

Did you see them? It is really totally amazing.

Generally the resolution is not that good, as it is restricted for public use. But Google does enhance the resolution from time to time. Bentley Spotting has used Google maps previously here, now with updated imagery.

Now to Virtual Bentley Spotting.

Google Maps Street View imagery is obtained by a car with a 360 degree camera on its roof. The car drives around cities taking images of what is on the street. It is fully interactive and you get to control where you want to go, and can look around 360 degrees. It is again, amazing stuff.

Bentleys are on the street, hence Virtual Bentley Spotting.

What I initially did was go to the address of Bentley dealers and have a sticky beak around for some sporting cars. It worked!

Here is the address of Bentley Beverly Hills, CA. USA.

You can not embed the Street View with the picture, but below is what you spot. Click on the Street View button on the top right of the map and move the orange man to where you want to look.

And from a different angle.

Direct link to Bentley Beverly Hills Street View.

Now to some other Bentley dealers.

Bentley San Diego.

Now what you find at Street View.

Direct link to Bentley San Diego Street View.

Bentley Spotting at dealerships is kind of cheating. Proper Bentley spotting is wondering around the streets checking out what is going on in that instant of time, and of course, to look out for Bentleys!

Here are some other examples.

There are two Bentley Continential GT's parked next to each other here.

And I even found a Bentley T2 on the street. It could be a Silver Shadow.

The Direct link to the Bentley T2 Street View is here.

There is a nice Bentley Continential GT on Wilshire Blvd in Hollywood.

From another angle here.

And I even found a Rolls Royce Phantom on Rodeo Drive here. How appropriate.

It is actually quite time consuming to spot Bentley's using Google Maps Street View, but the fact you can now go Virtual Bentley Spotting is pretty amazing. It is like walking down the street. Travelling with out moving.

As Bentleys are not that easy to find, here are some other cars that may be of interest.

Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR
Ferrari 430 & BMW M6 convertible
Ferrari 360 spider
Porsche 911
Jaguar XK8

Now as you are out Bentley Spotting, watch out for accidents like the crash below.

Direct link to crash here.

For a look at one of the cars/vans that have the 360 degree camera on the roof, have a look at this image of a Google Map Street View van's reflection in a street mirror here.

Get Virtual Bentley Spotting!

Email or post you links in the comments section below when you find Bentleys!

Happy Virtual Bentley Spotting.

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At 8:50 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I did found a Ferrari 360 at a Golf Club in Vegas, but no Bentley's :-( :p

At 8:28 am, Blogger b3uk said...

Hey thanks for the link to Google Sightseeing :)

At we actually have a thread of nice cars found on street view - you should add some bentleys there!

At 4:26 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found 3 Bentleys and a Rolls-Royce on Sunset Blvd.

At 7:40 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found 3 bentley's 1 rolls royce, 1 lamborghini, 1 Aston Martin, 1 maserati, 1 ferrari, and as a grand finally, 1 bugatti veyron.


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