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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Rust. Low in fat.

Rust like dust. High in fat or low in fat? Come on.

Rust. Low in fat. You can eat as much rust as you like.

No idea? The comedy duo Little Britain is currently touring Australia with their 'Little Britain Live' show. The Fat Fighters sketch. LOL, ROFL, HAHA, hehe etc. It is very funny.

It is now to be that rust - like dust - is a good diet for weight loss.

Take this example of a '60's Bentley. Clearly rust = weight loss.

Recently sold on ebay 'for part only' with 'no warranty' item number 290080376710

The winning bid was US $1,280.00.

At least the name plate says its a Bentley.

Not sure if it was a bargain.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clear Indicators.

During the late 1990's a number car manufactures changed the blinkers on their cars from the standard orange, to clear lenses with an orange bulb. The update has a dramatic effect. It is simple plastic surgery, a face lift per se.

Bentley did it from the 1999 model to the 2000 model.

Photographs courtesy Marlow Cars

This started a trend to retro fit clear indicators to previous models to update the look of the older cars. Mercedes Benz owners often did this with the late S Class models including the W126 and the W140 models. It made a 1979 W126 look like a 1991 W126, kind of like a middle aged woman turning into a teenager. But only on the outside.

Here is Range Rovers example with the second generation P38A model. The update generally consisted of a new style of alloy rims as well.

These very slight changes make the cars look even a decade newer. A rather impressive change for not much input.

Now the company Flying Spares offers clear indicators as a retro fit modification to pre Arnage Bentleys from 1981 till 1998.

Their pictures below do not give a clear demonstration of the dramatic change.

I decided to do a before and after photo demonstration using photoshop, well actually GIMPshop the open source free version.

There are the results.

Click the picture below for an animation of the blinker change.

Now for the rear. Other manufactures also made changes to the rear lights, after the popularity of the Lexus IS 'crystal' lights sometimes called Altezza from the Japanese Toyota that first featured them from the late 1990s.

Here is Flying Spares version of Altezza rear lights as part of their Bentley modifications section on their site. Again there photo is not ideal.

Now for my photoshop demonstration.

Now for the animation.

How about just the indicators.

My opinion it that the front blinkers are ok. Slightly risky at the Bentley Drivers Club, but in a good way. Like a poker dot shirt. It does make the car look more modern, slightly Anargeish. But the rear lights. Well they are just wrong. Way too boy racer. Get a 90's 3 Series BMW if you want to do that mod.

CLEAR LENS REAR BOOT LAMPS - £250 (£200 exchange)
CLEAR LENS WING LAMPS - £250 (£200 exchange)


Site Change.

This site is now solely at update bookmarks if needed.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ultimate Number Plate

In Brizvegas last night at the Brisbane International Motor Show was the PPQ Collector Number Plate Auction and the first ever release of seven digit plates.

There were 17 lots on offer of the new 7 digit plates. Just guess which plate became the record most expensive plate sold in Queensland history? You are correct.


The number plate was sold to a telephone bidder for $110,000.

All profits went to the Queensland Road Safety Fund.

From (news)

Note. This is my 50th Bentley Spotting post. Enjoy the read.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bentleys in the Movies

So you want to watch a movie tonight? Are there any good actors in the cast?

Well for a serious Bentley spotter how about selecting the movie based on the models of Bentleys that appear in the film?

This information is actually available and growing all the time.

At the Internet Movie Car Database you select the make of car and model and it tells you what movie they appear in. It's pretty cool!

There are about 300 Bentley and 600 Rolls Royce entries in the database, and most include pictures of the cars that are in the films. There is usually some discussion about the cars that are featured, and it seams that some seriously well read people that know their Bentleys are posting.

Here is an example.

1937 Bentley 4¼ Litre Gurney Nutting 3-Position-Drophead Coupé. Chassis Nubver B129JY


Never Say Never Again [James Bond], Movie, 1983
Magnum, P.I., TV Series, 1980-1988 Ep. 6.1

Picture (

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Paris Hilton's Bentleys

In truth, Bentley spotting is as technical as a door handle. So lets get real trashy. Supermarket isle style.

Paris Hilton now has a Bentley Continental GTC. Light blue, just like the Bentley press photos.

But not everything has gone to plan.

Firstly, after she received delivery of her new car, no one told her that it needed petrol to make it go. Bentley Beverly Hills is to blame. I just made that up, Gossip Magazine style.

Running out of gas.

Then a couple of weeks later she has a little accident whilst driving into her drive - she hit the bins. My favourite comment she makes in the video is that she wants the windows and those red thing as the back tinted. Classic.

Previously she owned a Bentley Continental GT that made many appearances in paparazzi photos and videos, as does her Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR. The gossip is that she lost her GT on a round of poker in Las Vegas. Her boyfriend at the time has also crashed it with her in it.

Paris and Paris crash.

Oh and we can never leave out her advertisement that she made for Bentley - sorry it was for a Hamburger.


Reference (X17)


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Japanese Madness

When you get bored of track racing you Turbo R you can always turn Japanese, yes I'm turning Japanese I really think so.

The Japanese motor sport of 'drifting' as in power sliding, or over steering constantly around corners in tight tracks is a massive phenomenon. It has spread all around the world. The usual cars involved are Japanese rear wheel lite cars with huge turbos and cambered wheels.

So I was pretty shocks to come across this.

It is drifting in a Bentley T2. Race fit out, the works.

Not something you see everyday!


Rolls Royce vs Bentley

That is verses not and. Yep, only BBC and The Times motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson would stage a drag race between a Rolls Royce New Phantom and a Bentley Continental GT. Here it is.

Here Clarkson creates some serious smoke with the Bentley Arnage T, from the same video as above.

'For years Bentleys have been Rolls Royces without the Flying Lady - but not any more'

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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Bentley Wing Vents

After coming across an Ebay advertisement for a pair of Bentley Mulliner Wing Vents I decided to have a poke around some front quarter panels or fenders, whatever language is your fancy.

There are actually quite a number of types of wing vents or gills if you may that appear on Bentleys. The vast majority of Bentleys do not have them. Usually they are found on more sporting or limited run models of Bentleys.

The ebay find are from the 2004 Bentley Arnage T-24 Mulliner.

The 2007 Bentley Arnage R has wing vents, and the veins are horizontal.

On the Bentley Continental R and T as well as the old Azure there were two different varieties that I found.

The next style were added to the Bentley Turbo R Racing Car previously written about, and the retail quote for the conversion was £2000.00

On the Bentley Turbo RT from the late 90's the same more triangular vent appeared as on the Continentals of that period.

And of course the older Bentleys had much more serious wing vents such as this 1929 Bentley Speed Six.

Pictures from various sources.

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Crazy Kiwi Stuff

Following from the Kiwi Bentley plumber, and the Gumball 3000 Rolls Royce crash comes New Zealand's own Devils Run.

Yep its a Cannonball Run down New Zealand, organised by the veteran Gumballer Max Fletcher who even got married in Las Vegas in the Gumball 3000 2006.

He Gumballed in a 1999 Bentley Arnage twin turbo across Europe, then changed cars to the Lamborgini LM002 4x4 Hummer eater from the 80's in Asia, then cruised the USA leg in Hugh Hefners Mercedes Pullman. Crazy. He represents Team Satan and check out his Bentley!

The Devils Run is a three day five star 'rally' cough race cough down New Zealand.

Devils Run Event Guide

Tuesday 27th February

- Welcome drinks at Auckland's Hilton Hotel on Princes Wharf.
- Participants' cars remain at Princes Wharf remain on display to the public overnight under security guard.

Wednesday 28th February

- Drivers briefing.
- Cars proceed in convoy from Princes Wharf up Queen Street.
- Cars head to Taupo Racetrack for Time Trials.
- Then drive to the Bayview Chateau Tongariro, near Mount Ruapehu.
- Drinks on the balcony of the Chateau.
- Hole-in-one competition on the golf course. The prize: a supercar.
- Dinner followed by black tie casino night including high stakes cash poker.
- DJ and dancing.

Thursday 1st March

- Breakfast at the Chateau.
- Cars head to Wellington to embark on ferry.
- Once across Cook Strait, cars then continue on to Terrace Downs High Country Resort, located about an hour's drive west of Christchurch.
- Drinks on arrival.
- Five-star dinner.
- DJ and dancing.

Friday 2nd March

- Breakfast at Terrace Downs.
- Cars drive to Millbrook Resort in Queenstown.
- Drinks on the lawn.
- Grand Finale Ball and prize giving.
- Band and DJ until late.

It sound totally fun and runs from Wednesday 28th February to Friday 2nd March 2007 so hurry up and get your tickets!

More info can be found at, and in the NZ Hearld article here.

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The Bentley Camargue

The Rolls Royce and Bentley Camargue was introduced in march 1975 and ceased production in 1986. During these eleven years only 526 were produced. 525 Rolls Royce variants and 1 Bentley.

Yes one Bentley. Here it is.

The car is like no other ever to leave the factory. This is solely due to the design of the body. Crewe commissioned Pininfarina to design a two door coupe after the positive reaction towards the 1968 Bentley T1 Coupé Speciale.

The car design was finished in 1970. The designer at Pininfarina was not Sergio, but in fact Paolo Martin. And these are his design sketches.

Notice anything? It was not designed as a Rolls Royce but as a Bentley. So the Bentley Camargue it is!

The car is very sporting, and some owners have realised it would be better dressed as a Bentley, and have changed to grill, badges and hub caps.

Some modifications have been successful, but as it was the 80's others have been quite questionable! Have a look at this disaster.

It probably had a record player in it as well.

Pictures courtesy madle and Pablo Martin.

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Frankfurt Stopover

Ok. Bear with me on this one. I have decided to write a situational post.

Lets just say you are watching German telly.

Oh great its a Bentley Continental GT going sideways around an iced over lake.

Then you change the channel, and its oh...interesting. Maybach have made their car more expensive by simply putting diamonds on it. A new take on a scratch resistant interior!

Then an old repeat comes on from the late 90's. Interesting, it is a comparison between a Bentley Arnage Red Label and a Mercedes Benz SL73 AMG.

Wow, German TV is not just Inspector Rex, or videos that come in brown paper bags..

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Bentley Turbo R Racing

Yes the title is correct.

Ever thought about stripping out your 90's Bentley Turbo R to the shell then making it into a proper race car? Well why not?

They have tremendous power, so why are they not on the race track? Well they are! And they are not just the road car driven on the track. They are the real deal with full roll cage and racing seats. Fantastic!

The company Phantom Motor Cars Ltd in Surrey has just done that. It is a company that has complete workshop facilities that is 'equipped with the latest diagnostic testing equipment, solely dedicated to the complete servicing and maintenance of yesterday's and today’s Rolls-Royce (Pre The New Phantom) and Bentley Motor Cars. The company continues to invest in the latest diagnostic equipment for today's current models including Bentley Arnage, Continental GT and Flying Spur.'

And do they invest in their two Bentley Turbo R race cars. You have to admire the interior. Safe, tasteful and oh so Bentley. But still a proper race car!

It also sports a carbon fibre dashboard, removed rear seats and carbon fibre door panels. Very commanding.

As expected, extensive modification have been carried out. From Phantom Motor Cars Ltd Bentley Racing page comes the extensive list of modifications with approximate retail costs. Save you pennys.

The Car.

Bentley Turbo R in Sherwood Green (Original Magnolia hide interior).
First Registered 1 August 1990. Registration No. H248 CTP (formally ALI 1).
Chassis No. SCBZRO4AOLCH33416. Engine No. 72732L 410I/TEL 6,750 CC.

Mechanical modifications.

+ Mulliner anti-roll bars front and rear 40 % stiffer. £1496.00
+ Performance brake package (Micro Alloy 320 mm discs) to the front. £3735.00
+ Continental T wheels 18 X 9.5 £3500.00
+ Special stiffer lowered (less 50 mm) front coil springs. £900.00
+ Lowered rear (50 mm) coil springs. £700.00
+ Deleted active ride. Fitment of Bilstein front shock absorbers and late specification 94 onwards improved top spring plates and shock absorber mounts. £650.00 if done with springs. Front shock absorbers again changed to the original factory shocks as the Bilsteins were considered too soft.
+ Viscous control differential. £2284.00
+Deletion of boost control limiting, to ensure full and continuous max boost available from the current original turbo charger. Later changed to an electronically adjustable boost controller. £1760.00. Minimum fuel octane rating required is estimated at 102 with 0.9 Bar boost.
+ GM 400 3- speed Pursuit gearbox (Kevlar bands, re-valve with heavy duty clutches and strengthened torque converter) Essential to survive additional power output. £3000.00
+ AC system removed.
+ Viscous fan removed.
+ Vehicle lightened where possible but still retaining all necessary components to keep the Bentley road legal.
+ Exhaust modification removing rear silencer box.
+ Water injection fitted to the front brake discs to help prevent overheating.

Cosmetic modifications.

+ Mesh stone guards (grills) to the front radiator and lower front spoiler. £2000.00
+ Mesh grill to the rear lower apron. £500.00
+ Wing vents to the front wings. £2000.00
+ Arnage flush fitting oval front wing indicator repeaters.
+ Rear seating removed. Light weight front seating fitted.
+ All components removed from the doors. Carbon Fibre panels to the doors and dashboard.

It does not quite fit in with the vintage Bentley racers - but give it 100 years..

As is the nature of such things, accidents do happen.

Now here comes the good bit. Hear how it sounds! A 15sec video of the car in action.

Pictures (


Kiwi Plumbers Work Van

You have to love Kiwis. There are only 4.1 million in the Land of the Long White Cloud, but they sure do have crazy Bentley drivers amongst them. Take Peter Vandenberg. Plumber. Not that unusual. But what is is that his Plumbers Van is a Bentley Continental GT!

The Fairfax website has an article on the gentleman where he explains that 'buying a Bentley as a plumbing vehicle is a bit of a practical joke on the industry.'

He further goes on 'The response from the public has been excellent. "People have been coming out of bars and taking photographs of it. All the boys want to be taken for a drive." His competition has been more subdued. "There's just smiles and hmmm."'

More Bentleys from New Zealand to follow soon.


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