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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bentley Special by Gibbs

The Gibbs Bentley Special first was written about previously here when not much information was know about the car.

Here are a couple of descriptions that accompanies this video.

'A Bentley race day featuring a very special Bentley built by Paul Gibbs (who sadly died earlier in 2007) and maintained by his two sons. The car is owned and driven by Alastair Head.'

'A Bentley meet featuring a very special car built by Paul Gibbs (sadly no longer with us), his wife and two sons, who now maintain the road/race Bentley.
'The Beast' is owned and driven by Alastair Head.'

The car features the a very special engine available from Phantom Motor Cars Ltd.

Here is a discription of then engine:

"Bentley Race Engines

Bentley 6.75 V 8 Twin Turbo 500 HP - Blackpool Project Race Engines.

Currently available; a limited number of Bentley 6.75 V8 twin turbo engines from the Blackpool project. These engines were a joint project between Bentley and Cosworth and were developed for special projects vehicles on behalf of the Sultan of Brunei

Idealy suited to a Special project or race Bentley.

Engine and gearbox £ 4,950.oo inc."

Quite one Bentley special.

Video courtesy (Paul Stiletto)

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Bentley Turbo R with Arnage Look

I do like the sound of this ebay seller.

He really tells it like it is. 'The car is very nice and very clean.'

'You are getting the BEST looking & most desirable color combination of Black on Black with the Red Leather Piping.'

Ebay item number: 280166041483

It is a 1990 Bentley Turbo R SCBZR03D1LCX31392 with 73000 miles on the clock and an asking price of US $29,900.00

What the best part of the ad is is the comment 'Bentley Turbo R with Arnage look'. It love it. That is exactly what it is. It looks Bentley Arnageish.

It is a simply case of having a mesh grill, with the addition on clear indicators.

That is all it is. It makes a 1981 car look well, today. Just make sure the bumper bars are the same colour as the car as well.

I could take it if it was right hand drive and in Aussie dollars.

Pictures courtesy ebay seller (fayruz73)

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The Yellow Rolls Royce

The Yellow Rolls Royce is a film that was released in 1964 directed by Anthony Asquith starring Ingrid Bergman.

I do like the tag line, 'Everything happens in the Yellow Rolls Royce'. Now that is slightly intreaging.

The film won a BAFTA and a Golden Globe and more about the movie can be seen at the worlds premiere film site, the Internet Movie Database.

The car below is similar to the one used on the film. A 1937 Rolls Royce Phantom II with Hooper coachwork, in yellow of course.

Interestingly enough Goldfinger had a similar car in the James Bond film.

Now lets look at some other yellow model versions.

A very late model Rolls Royce Silver Spirit. After the initial shock, the colour seriously grows on you. At first glance its horrid, but after a couple of blinks, it looks really impressive.

The colour is even standard on the new Phantom Drop Head Coupe. Semaphore Yellow to be precise.

Now to the Bentley Continential GT. I'm surprised to see yellow at a motor show.

To my favourite yellow car. The Bentley Continential T.

Simply superb.

High resolution photographs suitable for desktop images.

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Younger Bentley Drivers.

Now younger Bentley drivers can take on LeMans.

Quite young in fact.

It is good to see Bentley marketing to children. Just like fast food outlets. But you don't get fat.

I certainly remember my Rolls Royce Silver Spirit match box car whe I was a kid. It does work you know!

If you don't like dressing up, you can always just get the teddy.

Items are avilable via The Bentley Collection or go through your local Bentley Drivers Club.

The Bentley Drivers Club NSW branch offers discount rates via their Club Shop here.


1947 Bentley Mark VI by Franay

The best place to find out information about Bentleys from 1946 to the early sixties is at

Apparently this 1947 Bentley Mark VI by Franay chassis B20BH is the 'the most valuable post-WWII Bentley motor car, and arguably the most valuable ever'.

That was written by the person selling the car. Nothing like a large comment to drive up the price.

The car is still magnificent though. Talk about spats!

In 1999 the car was for sale via for 2.5 Million US dollar.

The car sold at auction April 3, 2006 for $1,728,000.

But enough about price and fame. What really is cool is that the car has its own Franklin Mint collector-quality replica 1947 Franay Bentley model! Only one real car was made, so I like the fact that many kids are playing with a coachbuilt Bentley that there is only one of!

Here is a picture of the model.

You can purchase the car on Ebay here. The model that is.

Pictures (Ebentley)

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Victoria Beckham's Bentley

Trasharama Alert!

Now that the Beckham's live in Los Angles, it's bling bling for Victoria's Bentley.

The rumour has it that Tom Cruise purchased Victoria this lovely Bentley Continential GTC with personalised VB wheels and VB on the head rests.

The Bentley Continential GTC also features the STRUT grill. It's on the money.

For Australian's VB means Victoria Beckham, not Victoria Bitter. No green cans here.

Picture courtesy (Celebutopia)

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The Queen's Mascot

Courtesy of

"The Queen has her own mascot for use on official cars. The mascot was designed by the artist Edward Seago in the form of St George on a horse poised over a slain dragon. It is made of silver and can be transferred from car to car."

Click image for full high resolution detail.

More on the Queen's Bentley can be found here, and for a comparison between the Queen and Paris Hilton, have a look here.

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Bentley Curtains

I think curtains in cars are due to make a come back. Take a look.

It makes the travelling experience that much more homely and well, nice and pleasant.

This is a Bentley Turbo R located in Japan with matching white curtains.

They would definitely suit if you though you were famous.

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Tuned Bentleys get Tickets

This does not seem right.

There are less than a handful of Bentley Continential GT tuners. Correct. They make very limited numbers of cars. Correct.

Then how can this happen?

The Bentley Continential GT tuned by Mansory. Ticketed.

The Bentley Continential GT tuned by MTM. Ticketed.

Damn traffic wardens.

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Bentley B3 by Pininfarina

The Sultan of Brunei's coach built cars have been quite popular on One can read in detail about his extensive coachbuilt Bentley cars, as well as his coachbuilt Rolls Royce cars.

Below is a detailed gallery of one particular coachbuilt Bentley.

The Bentley B3.

The Bentley B3 was commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei, or his brother Prince Jeffri and was designed by Pininfarina.

The car is a rebodied Bentley Continential R. Shall we say the ultimate personal commission?

Twelve cars were manufactured in total. Two in 1994 and ten in 1995.

The VIN numbers are below, along with their Brunei registration numbers.

The 1994 Bentley B3's.

SCBZB04C7RCH52074 Bentley B3 BM 8877
SCBZB04C4RCH52081 Bentley B3 BN 1111

The 1995 Bentley B3's.

SCBZB04CXSCH52334 Bentley B3 BN 6969
SCBZB04C5SCH52368 Bentley B3 BN 8000
SCBZB04C8SCH52378 Bentley B3 BN 8998
SCBZB04CXSCH52382 Bentley B3 BP 3388
SCBZB04C7SCH52386 Bentley B3 BQ 7130
SCBZB04C0SCH52391 Bentley B3 BP 3300
SCBZB04C9SCH52437 Bentley B3 BP 1100
SCBZB0460SCH52438 Bentley B3 KF 6363
SCBZB0402SCH52439 Bentley B3 BN 608
SCBZB04C9SCH52440 Bentley B3 BP 7557

Learn how to de-code a Bentley VIN number here.

An interesting fact about this car is that even though it was designed by Pininfarina it was not made by the company.

The company that manufactured the Bentley B3 is Coggiola S.p.A. They are an Italian coachbuilder who specialise in building concept cars for large manufacturers.

A very appropriate place for the Sultan to get his Bentley B3s' built. They also made his coach built Aston Martin cars.

The Sultan's car purchasing was conducted in extreme privacy, so it is highly unusual that Coggiola has released these pictures of the Bentley B3. They are the only known photographs to exist.

Pictures courtesy (Coggiola S.p.A)

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Team RRR - Rashid bin Rashid bin Rashid

Now here is some gossip.

Lets just say you are the son of HRH Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid al-Nuaimi شيخ حميد بن راشد النعيمي the emir of Ajmān, United Arab Emirates.

You are into fast cars, falconry, horses and occasionally sponsor some desert rally drivers.

A while ago you got yourself a Bentley Continential Flying Spur with modifications by Mansory.

You and your folks then set up a team call RRR. A bit mysterious, but very cool.

You get the Bugatti in the same colours as the Bentley and badge it RRR. Very nice.

Recently you even customised the latest supercar, the Audi R8 in RRR colours. Cool.

Occasionally they do line up next to each other. Ever so slightly menacing.

So what car is next? How about the Rolls Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe. In team RRR colours of course.

None of this is true by the way.

Pictures (Exotics On Road, webfinds)

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