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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Reborn as a Bentley

1200TU, a Bentley Camargue Turbo project.

The same car was originally Rolls-Royce Camargue number D4 - a pre-production car sporting the 1800TU plate.

It was scrapped on November 11th 1982 (Remberence Day, coincidentally) after 253,403 gruelling miles.

A worthy sacrifice for the upcoming Turbo Rs that started the Bentley turnaround.

Click to enlarge and read the full story.

(posted by David Irvine)


Saturday, March 12, 2011

800th Post on Bentley Spotting

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is my 800th Bentley Spotting post.

Thank you.

Bentley Spotting has 3500+ photos and links to 100's more. There are links to 100's of videos.

100,000 visitors have come in the past 12 months.

Only 4 people have ever donated to keep the site running.

You can donate via PayPal using the Donate button to the top right.

A big thank you to David Irvine for all his encouragement, and for helping by contributing his amazing 1980's photos, donating, and for all his interesting posts.

Another 200 posts will come in no time!

Story ideas are always most welcome at


Modern Rolls-Royce Cars in New South Wales

Take a look at this photo combo.

Yep it's a Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe and a Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Click on image for super high resolution image.

Rolls and Royce

Both are Sydney cars in New South Wales, Australia.

It you want the Drop Head, it is a 2008 model with 24523kms, SCA2D680X8UH07075 currently for sale at AU$795,000 plus stamp duty and government charges here.

That's GBP£501,574.50 or USD$806,607.03. It's currently the cheapest second hand Rolls-Royce Phantom Drop Head Coupe in Australia. But definitely not in the world!

You can see by the price why these cars are a little rarer down under than those say for sale in Miami FL.


Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner

I'm not sure if I need to comment.

Bentley Turbo RT

Is this not the best modern four door Bentley?

Bentley Turbo RT

I love it.


George Daniel's Bentleys

This is a little like listening to your grandfather waffle on, but in it fun.

Take a watch (this is a pun).

Here is a video of what could be this codger's old 1924 Bentley 3L Landaulet.

And this is the car he bought, with previous owner Tom Birkin at the Brooklands Racetrack.

And here is George Daniel driving the car at Goodwood.

Now a couple more of the car in detail.

Bentley in a Ferrari suit

It's a good one!

Bentley Red??

Thank you for making the video George.


Velvet Bentley

Take a look at this quite normal looking Bentley Turbo R.

Someone has cared for it by painting the B on the alloys.

It has an mesh grill which is not standard and still retains the rectangle lights, resisting the urge to go for the twin round lamps.

From the rear the red coachline does look impressive on the grey paint.

But when you open the door you will notice something quite special.

Not leather darling, velvet!

Velvet all round, including the door panels!

It is just great! Smother it everywhere. It feels good. More. More.

It you want it, buy it for £6,495 from the dealer below.

View Larger Map

And for the keen spotters you would have noticed the pre 1987 steering wheel, yep it is a 1985 model. The ad says it is a fuel injection model which sounds suspicious, but if you like velvet...


Ultimate Factory Bentley

After Rolls-Royce opened Goodwood a while back to Discovery Channels Ultimate Factory programme, surprise surprise so has Crewe.

It is a whole 45 minute show about the construction of the new Bentley Mulsanne, and shows a lot of what goes on in Crewe.

Here is a preview.

It is quite a good watch, and shows many parts of the factory including the new robots, as well as all the hand crafted work.

If you look around a little bit you can find a copy that someone has recorded to the worlds largest VHS tape, the internet - in both torrent and direct download.

W.O in EXP 1

Here is W.O in EXP 1.

Yes, you probably have seen the picture, but this one is in super high resolution, so you can see amazing details.

Click on the image above, then click the magnifying button, and then zoom in.

The detail is quite cool. Like the odd tyres up front.

If anyone wants the photo in high resolution to say, print a poster for their garage just email at


Practice Makes Perfect?

The controversial Rolls-Royce Camargue designed by Pinninfarina and was release in 1975.

In fact it was designed in 1970 at Pininfarina not by Sergio, but by Paolo Martin. These are his actual design sketches.

And also his renderings dated 1970.

It is a car that I, personally, really like, and spotted many in the 1980's here with this as an example.

It does seem however, that Paolo Martin at Pininfarina did a bit of a University standard, and handed in the same assignment for multiple classes, with just a little tweeking, to try and confuse the professors.

Let's take a look at the 1969 Fiat 130 coupe.

And the 1976 Ferrari 365GT 2+2 / 400GT.

Get the picture?

Now also there is a lesser known example, it must have been a minor class at University or some detention homework for re-submitting his work multiple times.

It is a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 300SEL 6.3.

Only one was made.

I hope Rolls-Royce got a good deal on an updated old design.

Ferrari definitely got the left overs in 1976.

(posted by David Irvine)

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Bentley Arnage T & T-24 Mulliner

Shall we take the T, of the T-24?

Bentley Arnage T & T-24 Mulliner

The T-24 Mulliner will do nicely thanks.

Unusual Indicators in Pink

This car is striking in general, but take a look at the unusual indicators.

 Rolls Royce in pink

Quite home brew. And not quite right.

Pink car

After market clear indicators I can handle, but these, I don't like them.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Rolls-Royce Takeover

Spotted in Montreal, Canada March 2011. Rolls-Royce taking over Ferrari....?


(posted by David Irvine)

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Bentley Mulliner Showroom at Crewe

This is quite a nice insight into the Bentley Mulliner Showroom at Crewe taken presumably by a customer perspective, Flickr user KingstonChang.

Interesting enough he also sent a day commissioning a Bugatti Super Sport, also with photos.

It seems that Bugatti had better cakes than Bentley.

There are 50+ photos of Bentley Mulliner Showroom, so stop or play the slideshow as you see fit, as it starts automatically.

From this photo set I leant the proper Bentley way to hang hides.

Here they are.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

They all look very good and proper hanging on the wall. Quite well displayed.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

And how does one protect the hides from the metal hangers on the wall?

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

With toilet paper of course.

Bentley Mulliner Showroom

Bentley can sell you can million dollar Arnage RL 728, but you are choosing the leather hanging from a rolls of dunny paper.

Three rolls of toilet paper does the trick it you want to replicate it at home.

I love it.

1924 Bentley 3L Landaulet

I do really like this car.

It is a 3 litre that is not British racing green nor a Le Mans replica!

Long live the Park-Ward body.

Hopefully it always stays that way.

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Bentley Brooklands by Anderson Gernamy

The number of companies that will sell you plastic stick on bits for your Bentley Continental GT is probably more than all your phalanges.

Anderson Germany, in Düsseldorf otherwise known as DA Premium Cars UG certainly does that with a number of 'editions' of Bentley body kits for your GT.

However they have also played with a Bentley Brooklands.

Not too often do tuner companies have a go that the Brooklands.

Slightly surprisingly they have left off the carbon-fibre look F-111 wings and the rear machine gun mounts.

I think they have only changed the wheels, which look totally legitimate.

What they have spent time on is the interior. And what a result!

It looks like the work of Mulliner, which some of it may have been, but the end result is very good.

That drinks cabinet is just superb. It is so much better having a drink out of some Wedgewoods in the back seat, compared to the standard paper cut and plastic straw large diet coke.

I wonder if it has a fridge.

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