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Saturday, March 12, 2011

800th Post on Bentley Spotting

Well ladies and gentlemen, this is my 800th Bentley Spotting post.

Thank you.

Bentley Spotting has 3500+ photos and links to 100's more. There are links to 100's of videos.

100,000 visitors have come in the past 12 months.

Only 4 people have ever donated to keep the site running.

You can donate via PayPal using the Donate button to the top right.

A big thank you to David Irvine for all his encouragement, and for helping by contributing his amazing 1980's photos, donating, and for all his interesting posts.

Another 200 posts will come in no time!

Story ideas are always most welcome at



At 4:57 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't see nearly enough comments on your posts. Keep up the good work, it always brightens my day just a little to see new bentley spotting posts.

At 9:21 pm, Anonymous JPA said...

Congrats on the 800 posts!

Just donated!!!

Keep saving!


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