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Monday, January 28, 2013

Corniche in London

Take a look at this Rolls-Royce Corniche spotted on the street of London.


I think the two tone colour with alloy wheels make this car magnificent.

Rolls-Royce Corniche

It is superb.


I really like it that it is being used, and not just part of a collection.

Rolls Royce Rabbiting

Let's have an Englishman go to Texas to go rabbiting.

In a Rolls-Royce Silver Spur.

Shooting from a Rolls Royce

Slightly modified.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur

And quite a purposeful vehicle.

Rolls Royce Silver Spur

Now to the hunting video.

With thanks to Fieldsports Channel.

Bentley Boys for Le Mans 2001

Here is a Bentley brochure for the Le Mans Series Limited Editions of cars in 2001.

A nice Arnage.

With interior shot.

Now a fast Continental R Le Mans Series, with red brake callipers. Yes I'm getting ideas for my Turbo R.

Now to the modern Bentley Boys.

Evening gents.

Bentley at Brooklands 2001

Just take a look at this sight.

Quite amazing for W.O. Bentley lovers.

Now all start racing!

Bentley Continental SuperSports

Check out this livery on this Bentley Continental SuperSports.

Quite interesting. The only other cars I can think of with a stripe like this are Ferraris.

I think there was a red 250 GTO with yellow stripe like this. Need to find a picture!

I would not do it myself, but I like it because it's different, and someone got what they wanted.

Bentley Brooklands

This guys is quite a good salesmen. I want one.

In a bright colour please.

New Bentley Boy in India

Here is a vox pop with the owner of a 2011 Bentley Continental GT in India.

"The common people".

Careful in the snow

Marlow Cars make amazing videos of each car they have for sale.

Amazing, as in the best in the world. That's right, you try and find another car dealer with this much Hollywood production just to sell a car.

I think they are great. Here is another.

Just be careful in the snow, or you could end up like this.

Crashed Bentley Continental GT


Experimental Bentley Spotted

Check it out, an experimental Bentley spotted in camo in Cheshire.

Yep, it's the new Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Bentley Continental in Sydney

This is one of my favourite cars.

If a car can sell as a new car from 1966 to 1995 without changing the body shape you know it's a very special design.

This one was spotted in Sydney, yesterday on Australia day by Darren.


I think it is one of 5 that are in Australia.

Here are 3 of them together. What do you think - it is the car on the right?

I thinks that's correct. Colour coded rear view mirrors, badge bar, square fog lamps with no covers, dark interior.

I've driven a Rolls-Royce version, but a Bentley version is just that much cooler.

1931 Le Mans - Sir Tim Birkin Filling up.

The Bentley Boys have a pretty serious reputation.

The party hard, play hard and drive hard.

However, it did come to an end.

Here is the Wikipedia entry on the death of Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin.

"Birkin's world fell to pieces at the end of 1930. Bentley Motors withdrew from racing and closed down the following year.
(Although purchased by Rolls Royce the marque did not reappear for several years.) And Dorothy Paget withdrew her support for Birkin's road team in October 1930.
She continued however to support Birkin's red single seater track car, the original Blower No.1.
The car had been re-bodied with a single shell by Reid Railton after its lightweight fabric two seater body had caught fire in the 1929 500 mile race due to a cracked exhaust ( nicknamed the Brooklands Battleship ).
Birkin kept his motor workshop going by entering into a partnership with Mike Couper and developing a business specialising in tuning high performance cars.
In addition, an "electric model Brooklands" -- an elaborate miniature racetrack game with motorized cars running on single rails—was manufactured at the works.
Birkin's partnership with Couper came to an end in 1932 however and the works closed."

Here is some art envisaging the scene of Sir Tim filling up.

"Birkin continued racing despite these setbacks. In 1931 he won Le Mans with Earl Howe in an Alfa Romeo, even receiving a telegram from Mussolini congratulating him on his "win for Italy".
On 24 March 1932 he raised the Brooklands Outer Circuit lap record to 137.96 mph in the Brooklands Battleship, a record which stood for another two years before being beaten by John Cobb driving the 24 litre Napier Railton.
On 7 May 1933 he started the Tripoli Grand Prix in a new 3 L Maserati 8C owned by fellow driver Bernard Rubin, finishing third.
During his pit stop Birkin burnt his arm badly against the hot exhaust pipe while picking up a cigarette lighter.
There are different opinions of what then happened. The traditional view is that the wound turned septic whilst others say Birkin suffered from a malaria attack.
It was probably a combination of both that proved fatal, as Birkin died at Countess Carnavon Nursing Home in London 22 June 1933, aged thirty-five."

It's all good to imaging Birkin in the pits with art.

However, being a kid of the 1980's I find it easier not to read the book, but to watch the movie.

I've found some footage of Tim Birkin and Earl Howe at the 1931 Le Man race.

They are in the pits filling up the Alfa with more petrol.

I am completely shocked.

Talk about not giving a flying.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013

On New Year's day it seems like a pretty good idea to take your British broom broom to Brooklands.

I can't think of a better viewing spot than the Member's Bridge looking up the banked track, just waiting for the cars to come.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - From the member's bridge

You can just imaging back in the day car's flying under you.

It's just great.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - From the member's bridge

And as expected, a number of Bentley motor cars turned up. Probably with hungover Bentley drivers from the night before.

Let's take a look down by the Club House. Oh look, a Bentley with yellow wheels, just like mine.

Yep, it's a 1924 Bentley 3L, chassis No. 413, engine No. 412 registration No. XP6994.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1924 Bentley 3-litre

Now that is a trunk, not a boot.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1924 Bentley 3 litre Tourer

Now this is a Bentley Boy racer!

How cool is the mesh covering the head lamps, the leather straps, the Union Jack and of course the white Race Spot. I totally want a race spot on my Turbo R.

It's just the business! Get your driving goggles and go.

It's a 1930 Bentley 4.5L chassis No. PB3538, engine No, PB3527 registration No. We6886.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1930 Bentley 4 1/2 litre

But don't think it always looked like this. It did not.

Here is the car in the 1940's with the original Gurney Nutting saloon body. Same numberplate.

It just looks sad. Even the headlamps are pointing down in an unhappy manner.

"I want to be a Bentley boy racer, I have it in me, I can go fast, make you smile, please help me."

Parked next along is this combo.

The gatekeepers to the Brooklands Automobile Racing Club House.

The green car is a 1930 Bentley 4.5L chassis No. PB3536, engine No, PB3537 registration No. VR5906.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - Bentleys outside the club-house

The red car is a 1926 Bentley 3L chassis No. 1235, engine No. 1242/82 registration No. NT8694.

Here is NT8694 from the 1960's doing a bit of paddock work. Not sure what colour it was then.

Next Bentley spotted is a car with plenty of stickers, it's Stanley Mann Racing!

It's a 1929 Bentley 4.5L chassis No. NX3466, engine No. AD3655 registration No. UW7644.

Looks good. I like the red on the front right fender/guard. No idea, but I'm going to say it's for racing. It makes it faster and conform to the rules.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1929 Bentley 4-1/2 litre Le Mans

And another race car. I can't find registration No. UR6847 on so I think it could be a 'bitsa' W.O Bentley, but I don't know!

Dr Clare Hay is the expert on W.O. Bentleys, also know by the byline Michael Hay. She is the go to for W.O's.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1929ish Bentley 4-1/2 litre Le Mans

We have a blower! Go the supercharger. 1929 Bentley 4.5L chassis No. FB3525, engine No. RL3428 registration No. UL8913.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - Bentley

Now we have a couple of Derby 2 door Bentleys.

I'm not sure of the coachbuilder, but we have a drop head coupé.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1950s Bentley Convertible by ???

And this one is a fixed head coupé.

Can someone help with the coachbuilders? Leave a comment if you can.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - 1950s Bentley (type ?)

Oh, and of course newer Bentleys turned up.

Is that a James Young S3 Continental 4 door? I'm not sure if it's called a Flying Spur or not.

Brooklands New Year's Day 2013 - Bentleys

Thanks so much to Clive Baker who goes by Flickr user Austin7nut for the Brooklands photos.

Also to Robert McLellan for the info on the W.O. Bentley on his great site

Bentley Continental R Press Kit

Here is a nice scan of the full Bentley Continental R Press Kit.

Given out by Bentley Motors on the release of the car.

Bentley Continental R

I photoshopped up the scans to give them a bit of polish.

Enjoy the studio glamour shots.

Bentley Continental R

I am a fan.

Bentley Continental R

Those are 16" alloys.

Bentley Continental R

The profile is superb.

Bentley Continental R

Notice the non-airbag steering wheel, and the dash that went all the way to the rear.

Bentley Continental R

I don't quite know how they took is photo. I'll just cut out the B pillar shall I.

Bentley Continental R

I looks fast standing still.

Bentley Continental R

I should take my Turbo R into a studio one day.

Bentley on Collins St

Here is a Bentley Contenintal GT parked right now on Collins St in Melbourne.

Sent in by a friend, unexpectedly mind you. She is not really a car person.

Interesting numberplate. VI2GT. Nearly correct, but the 12 engine cylinders are not so much in a V formation, more of a W formation. Details.

Thanks for sending in the photo mate!

1926 Bentley Saloon

Check this out. Quite unexpected body for a W.O Bentley to be racing in.

"1926 Bentley Saloon driven by Ben Collins during Friday practice for the Brooklands Trophy at the 2012 Goodwood Revival."

1926 Bentley Saloon

I think it is great it has a saloon body, because everyone just expects W.O's to have Le Mans bodies now.

That Bentley Needs Work

At Historics at Brooklands a Bentley showed up that needs work.

It is a 1934 Bentley 3½ litre. Registration AXV 721.

Historics at Brooklands - 1934 Bentley 3½ litre (AXV 721)

Good luck with restoring it.

Rolls Royce Ghost on 22"

Here is a very well produced video of a Rolls Royce Ghost.

With aftermarket wheels that are 22"

The wheels are made by Vossen and are model VVS-083.

The two tone wheels look ok with the the Ghost. But it is drug dealer.

Best to stick with what the factory makes.

But I actually like the video production - the 'slide' shots just too great.

MPW Touring Limousine in HKSAR

My super favourite of all time limo has been spotted.

I just love how it is coachbuilt, and not just stretched apart.

So how is it coachbuilt you may ask?

Like this.

Metal work is happening.

By hand of course.

By real men.

Thanks Hans for the photos from Mulliner Park Ward.

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