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Monday, November 24, 2014

Doors Galore.

Rodd Sala is a 'doorman' too.

So here's a different way to view some older Crewe cars. "The Doors"
Never mind the brilliant Jim Morrison in this story....

This is my (now former) Old Thing's door. 

Other SY cars (Silver Shadows and Ts)
Note the slight variations and shades of leathers. Extra piping on earlier SYs.

My 'new' Old Thing here. Factory velour with a hint of leather.
"So ssawwftt....!"

 More to follow.
(Posted by David Irvine - pictures courtesy of Rodd Sala)

Doors Galore, II

We continue...

More Silver Shadow / T doors.

An earlier car - more piping..

Another earlier SY car. Extra piping, larger door pocket and larger armrest.

The colour of money...

(Posted by David Irvine - photos by Rodd Sala)

Doors Galore, III


Two door doors..



Early MPW 

Later DHC

One ot the last DHCs 

(Posted by David Irvine - pictures courtesy of Rodd Sala.)

Doors Galore, IV

I'm posting backwards to put this in order.
Yes, 'Doors Galore' , 'IV' does in fact rhyme....
It ain't 'Ivy', ok?

SZ series cars

Early eighties. Only top capping. But with an ashtray.

No ashtray here.

Full wood here on a late car. Very nice.

A very late SZ here

And early eighties again.

"Howawd! Get the doaw for me!
"No Maw, I'm biz zee!"

(Posted by David Irvine - shots by Rodd Sala)

RR&B Day 2014

Team Bentley Spotting has spent the day in Yokohama for the RR&B Day 2015 organized by the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Owner's Club of Japan.
There was a great selection of cars and here are some photos:
Definitely worth a visit.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Bentley Grand Convertible

It's funny, I have seen images of this car for a week now, thinking they were Photoshop jobs....

But no, it's a real car.  A one off albeit...

One should in fact call it a D.H.C. but another company in the South uses that term now.

The car is a real life concept unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show this week.

Bentley chairman and CEO Wolfgang Durheimer says, "We are eagerly the response of our customers to this car. We will ensure that this car - if it reaches the roads - will be a highly exclusive, extremely limited collector's piece."

Hand built by the lads at Crewe. "Fashioned entirely by hand from the very finest materials".

"A car with no rivals" , they say.

I love it, but they could at least have picked a different colour combo....

"This unrivalled flagship of luxury represents the ultimate in powerful, sensuous roofless motoring...."

This is one of my favourite shots of a somewhat 'possible' rival:

Hey, but the door opens the wrong way on this one.

Here are two cars the same colour. Hmmm.....

Good job, Bentley boys. May the world give it's nod of approval.

I really do like it.

(Posted by David Irvine)

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