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Monday, May 22, 2023

The types of SZ Bentley brakes

For Bentley SZ cars there were 3 brake options over the years. 

1) Standard brakes with 280mm discs and twin calipers - the top picture is of my car (yes, I have yellow wheels and red calipers for more kilowatts) 
2) The optional 'big brakes' that have 340mm discs and larger calipers and larger pads. These became became standard on cars after VIN 59001, and the usual 15" alloy wheels do not fit over the brakes 
3) Finally there are the super rare Alcon brakes which I've only seen on a couple of cars - they look very aftermarket also with twin calipers, but where factory supplied and fitted. The Alcon brakes came with groves on the disc as standard, where the others did not. 

The only good way to see the the brake differences is with the SZ 18' 5 spoke wheels, where you can see the brake discs. 

So I've been nerdy and put together the ultimate Bentley Turbo R brake comparison pic.

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