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Sunday, December 30, 2012

On Tour

Here are some photos from another RREC event…


This time in Speyer, Germany:


Founded by the Romans, Speyer is one of Germany's oldest cities and is located beside the Rhine, approximately 15 miles or 25 km south of Mannheim.


I've never been there, but it looks very picturesque:


And the Technikmuseum in Speyer with a collection of spacecraft, aircraft, military, commercial and classic cars looks well worth a visit: (


It even seems to have several Rolls-Royce & Bentley cars:


These photos date from summer 1999 and show Rolls-Royce & Bentley from across the continent gathered on Maximilianstraße in the town centre.

A Corniche Convertible leads off...


Here we have a 25/30 Sport Tourer...

One of my favourites: a Silver Cloud III Flying Spur...

This is a rather special Silver Shadow LWB that David has posted about before:

And a nice R-type...

It's great to see so many wonderful cars on tour...

Let us know if you are one of the lucky owners!

Many thanks to Juergen for the photos.


(Posted by Andy)

Harwoods of Pulborough

Harwoods of Pulborough was founded by Wally Harwood in 1931, coincidentally, the same year as the British Central Equitable Trust (a front for Rolls-Royce Limited) acquired Bentley Motors Limited from receivership to form Bentley Motors (1931) Limited:

Fifty years later, Harwoods of Pulborough was awarded the Rolls-Royce & Bentley franchise for East Sussex, England. The association with Bentley continues today with the group representing Bentley from showrooms in Pulborough and Lyndhurst in Hampshire. 

Here's a photo of the Sussex showroom:

The following photos show a collection of Harwoods cars on display at an outdoor car show. 

The number of "N" plates suggests the pictures date from around 1996/1997...

First up, an Azure and a Continental R:

Next, a Brooklands LWB, chassis #TCH57315, the long wheelbase making it comparatively rare:

And finally, a second Continental R:

It's quite an impressive selection of cars.

Please let us know if your recognise the show.

Thanks to ASA Infinity Studios for the showroom photo.

(Posted by Andy) 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Down On The Farm

We've no idea where these photos were taken.

But with two Land Rovers in shot, there must be a decent probability of it being on a farm somewhere...

This Silver Shadow II is chassis #SRH32821:

And here it is again, ready for wedding duties, with a Bentley Eight, chassis #GCH15261:

Let us know if you recognise these cars.

(Posted by Andy)

[Perhaps] The Old Vicarage

Here we have some more 80s photos...
We've no idea where they were taken. But the house looks as though it should be called "The Old Vicarage" or similar - very nice it is too. 
And in front "The Old Vicarage" we have a Silver Shadow, registration 20JHN...
Unfortunately it's not listed in the RREC database.
But the database does include WAC888, a 1973 Corniche Saloon, chassis #CRH15596...
We're guessing these are photos from a small gathering of Rolls-Royce & Bentley owning friends meeting for afternoon tea?
Please tell us if you know otherwise!
(Posted by Andy)

Riding Along In My Automobile

Judging by this mid-80s photo, the owner of chassis #SRH16096, a 1973 Silver Shadow, enjoyed riding along in their automobile...

But unlike Chuck Berry, it seems they did have somewhere to go!

Here's the same car at an RREC Rally...

Can anyone tell us more about the event?

(Posted by Andy)

Robert Jankel Design Corporate Video

Here is a period VHS upload of a corporate video of Robert Jankel Design and Le Marquis Coachbuilders.

Jankel was an official Rolls-Royce coachbuilder in the late 1980/90s and made many stretched Rolls-Royce Silver Spurs for the factory.

Not a video you will see on TV anytime soon!

Thanks Don for the upload.

Friday, December 28, 2012

High Roller

Looks like this High Roller has been to the casino...
Hope it was a lucky visit!
Thanks to Juergen for the photo.
(Posted by Andy)

The Real Deal

Having grown up admiring late model Silver Shadow IIs in the U.K,
I was somewhat disappointed when I fist came across the U.S. spec cars in 1980.
The lack of an air dam was one (major) thing but the longer rubber bumpers (with the number plate cut out) just didn't look quite right.
U.S. Spec:
European Spec:
Those old Lucas 'Square Eight' foglamps (with the covers in place, of course) are the perfect finishing touch too.
U.S. Spec again (long bumpers) :
And European short rubber bumpers:
Well, what I am getting at here is that there is a Euro spec car for sale here in North America.
It even has those silly eccentric (as in 'odd/strange' - very British...) headlamp brushes:
Not forgetting the 'proper' lower number plate lighting on the rear:
Here's the American spec lighting on another car:
Of course, one more thing is those bizarre European rear fog lights.
They just finish the car.
Also, this is the one with the 'rounded edge' Spirit style grille RR was playing with in the very early eighties:
I would love to have this one but I don't want to upset my Old (Wannabe) Canadian Thing....
The (unique to North America) brown Euro spec car is on Ebay:
I want someone to bring this car the national meet in San Antonio this April.
It's not like all the others over here:
(Posted by David Irvine)

Rolls-Royce and Bentley at Goodwood 1967

These photos are special. They have never been published before.

Thank you so much to John Weston-Smith from Wales for sharing them and sending them in to by published.

They were taken at Goodwood in 1967, then the "new" Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow and Bentley T Type were first seen.

Check out the Shadow factory demonstrator sporting the 1900 TU number plates in full colour. Just great.

Now to the Bentley version. With the JB1 plate. That's Jack Barclay's dealership demonstrator. Well stocked badge bar that one.

Check out what also turned up at Goodwood in 1967. A W.O. Bentley with a special plate, Bond, James Bond.

Thank you so much to John Weston-Smith for sending in these photos, it is much appreciated.

We are very interesting sharing photos, especially period photos so if people do have them, please send them in.

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