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Monday, November 27, 2006

Spotting The Queen of Australias' Bentley

Royal Bentley State Limousine

The Bentley State Limousine was presented to Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth in May 2002 for her Golden Jubilee. Yes, there is a Queen of Australia and it's not Kylie Minogue or Nicole Kidman, but the fair dinkum Queen of Australia, Lizzie.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

And she drives a Bentley, well is driven in a Bentley. But she does drive, usually thought a Jaguar or her hubbies old Discovery on the farm.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

What is great about the car is that Her Majesty had serious input into the car's development, where she insisted that her people would be able to see her in the car, hence the very large rear window. At times when she does not want to be seen there are panels that fit to cover the window, ensuring back seat privacy.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

It very much has Continental GT design cues with the front, and a touch of Arnage at the rear. The side profile is unique in its three window layout, where the high roof line unites the design making it one, so it does not look like a nasty American stretched car.

Oh, and it is large. Very very large. You can only tell how large the car is when the chauffeur stands next to the car. Yes, that is Lizzies' driver below standing next to the car. The car is taller then him.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

Another note of interest is the mascot. Only when Lizzie is using the car is her personal mascot displayed. The macot is of St. George slaying a dragon, and was used on her previous cars as well.

Here is a picture of the car 'round the back when she has nipped down to the shops. You can tell because St. George is on the grill.

Royal Bentley State Limousine

Pictures Bentley and Wikipedia.

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Thursday, November 23, 2006

How about a musical break from a Bentley lover?

Elton John sings Nikita, featuring a 1985 Bentley Continental

Chassis No. SCB2D0002FCH10168, Engine No. 10168.

The car looks great, as it features colour coded radiator veins. The red slats definitely look the part.

The car was owned by Sir Elton John from 1985 till 2000. Sir Elton auctioned nine Bentley's through Christie's on the 5 June 2001, but it is thought that this particular car was not part of that auction.
The following photo is a promotional photo from the Christie's auction.

That auction included five S1, S2, S3 Bentley's in various body styles, and one was purchased by Sir Allan Sugar, who later commented in the Times 'It’s not easy being a man of the people – not when you’re sat behind the wheel of a vintage Bentley. But Sir Alan Sugar (“you can call me Sir Alan”) is trying his best. “Here,” he says, easing the car to a graceful halt. “Elton John stitched me up with this Bentley. I bought it at auction – on the phone. Bid against myself, I reckon. Done up like a kipper, I was.” He won’t tell me how much he paid. He doesn’t want to appear gauche. “Let’s just say it was three times what it’s worth. Just because it belonged to Elton. And I’m a shrewd businessman? You reckon?”' More of the article here.

Nice view of Sir Elton's flying B's.

The Continental from the video was auctioned by Classic Auctions in 2002, and was sold for £56000.00. The auction result card is HERE.

According to this article the car was again auctioned by Classic Auctions on 24 May 2006. The result of that auction is not known.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Bentley Spotting 'Time to make 300'

Now here are some proper Bentley Boys.

Video driving a Bentley Continental GT whilst these Bentley boys decide it's "Time to make 300".

Just top stuff! Pure relentless acceleration.

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The New Bentley Advertisment.

Totally agree.

That is all.

Bentley Spotting West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs, made famous by an MTV program called 'Pimp My Ride' whereby a teenagers rust bucket bomb of a car gets transformed into a cinema playstation on wheels with candy apple flames and liquorice strip wheels, has previously made a stretched Arnage with a custom interior.

Surpizingly it does not have flames down the side or a fish tank in the glass partition, or some attached maids or a butler - see the television show to understand how, lets say, 'American' some of their customisations have been. It is actually quite refined and suited to the streets of L.A.

See the Gallery HERE

However, its not totally Hip Hop, where are the 24" colour matched rims? If you want a proper stretched Bentley, you have to go with Robert Jankel from The Jankel Group. They make proper cars to be driven in, and have a long association with the factory at Crewe.

On another note, if you are sick of being a Captain of Industry, how about commissioning a Head of State Protocol Limousine(.pdf) from Jankel. Now that is being a proper chauffeur driven car!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Bentley Spotting Presents 'AutoWeek Podcast with Bentley CEO'

The magazine AutoWeek has recorded an interview with the CEO of Bentley America, Mr Andrew Stuart. Readers of the magazine submitted questions about Bentley motor cars to the CEO.

There were questions regarding the future of the Arnage beyond the year 2010, competition between Bentley, Maybach and Rolls Royce and how it has benefitted Bentley, talk of the new coupe the Bentley Havana which was avoided, and the most interesting confirmation of an 'AMG' like segment to the Bentley line up.

This is an interesting development, as Bentley has always been the drivers car when compaired to Rolls Royce. As the companies are no longer together, Bentley now wants to develop a segement for a more sporting version of a Bentley, which historically does not make sense. Oh times do change. Imagine having a more sporting Bentley than a standard Bentley? Maybe it could relate to the 'Speed 6' of the old days, say a Bentley Contiential GTC 'Speed 16' with the Hunaudieres W16 engine, 8 small turbos with a supercharger, add to that 26" rims, 6" quad exhaust, carbon fibre body, 20" dual calipar carbon ceramic brakes with rear picnic tables of course!

The podcast can be streamed in '.wmv' format with pictures "from HERE courtsey AutoWeek" and the article associated with the pod cast is here.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Bentley Spotting the 60 year History at Crewe

Bentley is celebrating 60 years of car production at Crewe, and have released a limited edition 'Diamond Series' of the Arnage and the Contiental GT.

There will be 400 Continental GT cars made and 60 Arnage cars made of the Diamond Series.

A new feature on the Arnage is a fully retractable Flying B mascot, similar to that on the new Rolls Royce Phantom. The hood ornament is a 'new design for the new century', fantastic!

The Continental GT also gets a new feature, and that is Carbon Ceramic brakes. This is a first for a production Bentley, and they 'further extend the car's performance boundaries'.

Bentley has also have commissioned a website where you can 'join out celebration and take a journey through Bentley's History'. Click on the Bentley Badge to go to the History site.

See behind the Bentley Spotting Grill

Bentley Grill

Here are some interesting pictures behind the Bentley Grill.

Bentley Grill

Bentley Grill

They were taken from an ebay Australia auction a few years ago

Bentley Grill

The grill is off a Benntley T1 car made from 1965 to 1977.

Bentley Grill

The flying B mascot is now available from the factory again on new cars, and would finish off the new Azure nicely.

Friday, November 10, 2006

So It's Bentley Time On Bentley Spotting!

So you have a $US25,000 limit on your credit card and you want to buy something on the internet?

Well how about you head over to Amazon and pick your self up the new New Breitling Bentley Motors Mens Solid 18K Gold Watch. It is a new release and currently reduced from $33920 to $24,900, and saving of 27%.

And if maxing out your credit card on the internet is not your thing there is always the Bentley Continental GT edition of a Breitling watch for a more reasonable $4,995.

Picture via Amazon(Courtsey)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Doughnuts, Custard Pudding and Tiramisu.

Following up from the Bangers and Mash meets Pasta Primavera post earlier, of a one off Italian coach built body on a Bentley we have another. This time its more doughnuts, custard pudding and tiramisu. That is an American, English and Italian dessert all in one cute Bentley.

Bentley Bertone

Meet the 1953 Arnolt-Bentley Deluxe four door sedan by Bertone. Currently for sale by Morris & Welford, LLC of California, the car was commissioned by S.H. "Wacky" Arnolt of Chicago whose business was importing Bentley, MG, Aston and Bristol Motor cars and having Bertone design different bodies for them.

Bentley Bertone

The Bentley appeared at the 1953 Paris, London and Turin motor shows and was designed by Giovanni Michelotti from Bertone. It is the only one.

Now check out the doors. Fantastic. Rear hinged is so the way to go. Hopefully the up comming baby Rolls Royce based on the BMW 7 series with still have them like the new Phantom.

What is a bit American is that "Wacky" Arnolt actually put his name one the car, as in called it an Arnolt-Bentley by Bertone. It is on the build plate. I do not know the history of the gentleman but this does not seem right for a single commissioned car. It would mean all coach built commissioned cars could be claimed to be made by the buyer of the car. I probably am missing something.

It is just too cute for my liking. Bentleys are man cars, and this looks like well, a Grandma car. It is too mothers club afternoon tea and scones for me. It sports the flying B but even the grill, it is a bit of a size 8 mini from Marks and Spencer. It's nice, only nice.

Pictures Morris & Welford, LLC (Courtsey)

Monday, November 06, 2006

Interesting Bentley Turbo 4x4 Estate For sale.

Bentley Estate

The Chelsea Workshop London is selling an interesting 1990 Bentley Turbo 4x4 Estate. 4x4 in reverse and first gear only. It has traveled 16,000 miles is finished in Stratos silver with grey Connolly hide and is priced at a wooping £135,000.

Bentley Estate

But it looks great! A number of coach built estates, or station wagons, just do not look right, as the roof line extention does not fit the line of the door sills. This example however, is a fine job with a visually correct sloping roof line, finished off with roof racks. Smart job.

The side vents and alloy wheels give it a sporting look, as do the alloy headlight surrounds and crome finishing under the bumper bars. But it is an estate, so it does not scream performance. It is actaully non obtrusive, and does not stand out as much as the standard Bentley turbo, and would look totally acceptable picking up the kids after school, but also just as cool to take out for a serious day shopping at Harrods.

It does look Volvoish and would be great for a stealth vehicle, but like, it's the Bentley version. I do see an American soccor mom with dyed blond hair, a plastic nose and fake tan, saying 'I wanted the station wagon version, they said no, but like, I made them make one for me anyway" kind of thing.

It also from the back could look a like funeral car if going slow!

But the price, ouch! £135,000. They are selling a L.H.D Azure widebody for less. I think I will take that.

Bentley Estate

Pictures Chelsea Workshop London (Courtsey)

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New Bentley Azure Reviewed by Tom Ford of Fifth Gear.

Bentley Azure

Bentley Azure

For those in parts of the of the world that do not receive a broadcast of the Fifth Gear television program, here is Tom Ford reviewing the new Bentley Azure.

Bentley Azure

Now the video.

The car is simply stunning with its 6.75 twin turbo engine, retractable folding roof and mammoth proportions. The cars sheer presence is over powering, dominating, the alpha male.

Some more stills from the video of the interior follow.

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

New Bentley Fixed Head Coupe for Geneva Motor Show.

In a change of tone, the first release of spy shots of the latest Bentley that is to debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2007 have been released. It is currently known as the Bentley Havana and is a fixed head coupe version of the Bentley Azure. It will sport four seats.

Bentley Havana Coupe

The underpinnings of the car will be based on the Azure, and will have totally adequate power.

This completes the range of the current line up of Bentley Motor Cars available from the factory, whereby they present a drop head coupe, fixed head coupe and a saloon of both the larger Bentley Arnage and the smaller Bentley Continental GT. If you are from the other side of the pond the cars are presented as a convertible, a coop and a sedan.

Courtsey of Car Magazine

Bentley Spottings' first Video Blog

This video comes courtsey of Hiromiyan from Yokohama and features a 1956 Bentley S1 with Freestone and Webb coachwork.

The video has both driving scenes and still photographs set to fine music. It has interior and exterior shots and highlights the exceptional horizontal outstreatched wings of the flying B hood ornament.

Of interet is that a 1955 S1 Feestone & Webb coachbuilt Bentley will go under the hammer in Syndey on Sunday 19 November 2006 10am at Bonhams and Goodman. The extimate price is between $15000AUD and $20000AUD.

The pictures from the Bonhams and Goodman advertisement and it states that they are of the belief that only four of this body type exist. Today I present two.

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Bangers and Mash meets Pasta Primavera.

What happens when a noble Englishman and a designer Italian get together in the 60's? They produce a one off baby of course, and its currently for sale in Las Vegas! Talk about a collector car.

First instincts it's a Rolls Royce Camargue, but then the headlights, its no, my gosh its sporting a Bentley grill! The motor car is a one off special produced by Pininfarina for the 1968 Turin Motor show based on a Bentley T1, and is known as a Bentley T1 Coupé Speciale.

This exact car was the Rolls-Royce and Bentley Archives Car of the Month in August 1999, and much can be read about its history. Pictures can be seen of it at European Concours D'Elegance in 2001 and 2002.

The car is current for sale at The Auto Collections at the Imperial Palace, Las Vegas, (pictures courtesy) and Don Willams the CEO presented the car in August 2006 at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.

The body design of the car was ahead of its time, but the headlight do let it down. They just don't look right. Maybe it's too reminiscent of the Camargue, and you expect the imposing grill of Royce. No where has it stated a price, but I think this motor will only appeal to the exceedingly serious collector, where as the more mainstream buyer of vintage Bentleys would go for an original Continental or similar.

On display in Vegas is an appropriate place for this vehicle, as it is not iconic, not a design breakthrough, more of a preliminary test model not fancied by the factory or the design house and would not suit a private collection, that is unless you had more than fifty Bentley Motor Cars in the same garage.

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Saturday, November 04, 2006


For some time I have pondered on the idea of a Bentley Spotting blog. I have a fond spot for the Bentley Motor Car marque and often stumble across Bentleys that I find of interest.

My plan is to post pictures and comments of Bentley cars that I observe both on the Interweb, and in real life.

Rolls Royce motor cars maybe included as well, since historically the Bentley has been the sporting man's Rolls Royce, so when I am not feeling sporting I may post about Rolls Royce cars.

So, without further a due the first car.

Ghost Motor Works Ltd (pictures courtesy) is selling a unique 1981 Bentley Mulsanne Drop Head Coupe in the style of Tickford. The motor car is bespoke by an unknown builder, where the standard roof and the rear window was been removed, replaced by a canvas midnight blue colour matched roof and plastic rear window, which looks remarkable like an Everflex roof when erect.

The 'A' pillars above the doors are still in position, as is a roof structural support extending from between the doors. It is reminiscent of a 1980's BMW 3 series Bauer style convertible.

The car has motored 111507 miles and has a light tan hide interior with four seat configuration. The headlights are the single square type alla Rolls Royce, defining its early 80's heritage unlike its wheels which are from the early 90's. The grill sports a metal surround with vertical slats unlike the Bentley Eight of the era which featured a mesh grill. The flying B hood ornament is also present.

The asking price is £22950.00

The problem with this car is that the roof looks better up than down, and that is not a good thing for a convertible. Good idea, but does not cut it. There never was a factory convertible of this body type, and a four door convertible, well as the saying goes, only Hitler looks good in the back seat of a four door convertible.

There is a white Rolls Royce Silver Spur wedding car in Sydney, the extended wheelbase body shape of this Mulsanne, which is a compete convertible, that looks so much better without the 'A' pillars and with framless windows. Presumably the structural rigidity as well as safety would be quite compromised, but the purpose of the vehicle is to parade from the church to the reception, not laps around the Nürburgring.

This car however would suit a day at the Melbourne Cup, or a romantic Sunday summer picnic in the South of France, but not a trip to the local shops or the Café, not even in L.A.

Pondering more, how about the removal of the back seats, install a tan teak deck platform, raise the suspension and turn it into a hunting vehicle. Now that would be a sporting Bentley!

Would I buy it? No. Good try, but no cigar.

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