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Friday, November 16, 2007

Bentley Continential Range

So you thought you knew the Bentley Continential range in the 1990's?

There initially was the Bentley Continential R, then came along the Bentley Continential T.

This was followed by the rare Bentley Continential SC.

The final car based on the 1990's Bentley Continential was the Bentley Azure, the convertible version. This finished production in 2003.

Here they are lined up for comparison in high resolution.

Bentley Continential r t s

What happened though in the 1990's is that the Royal Family of Brunei wanted more than the four car range of standard Bentley Continentials.

They simply commissioned an expansion of this range.

Here they are.

A Bentley 4 door based on the Bentley Continential.

Bentley Continential r t s estate station wagon

Followed by a Bentley Estate, or station wagon based on the Bentley Continential.

These different coachbuilt Bentley cars have their own individual name, and it is presumed that they are called the Bentley Spectre.

I am yet to find pictures of a ute version to complete the range. One my come up, you never know with the Bentley buying public.

More on the Sultan of Brunei's different Bentleys here, and his different Rolls Royce cars here.

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