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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Italians do it better.

This is a bit trashy, but I will proceed.

Italians do have an innate sense of cool.

Dolce and Gabbana tell us that Italians do it better, and when it comes to fashion and cool, well who does not own Italian clothes? It is a hard debate to disagree with.

How Madonna?

Now lets talk about the home of Prada. Milan. Milano. To keep on topic with Bentley Spotting more specifically, Bentley Milano.

Previously on Bentley Milano was featured related with the Vivian Westwood exhibition in Milan, and a beautiful 1992 Bentley Continential.

It is certainly one cool marketing strategy for Bentley Milano to hook up with legendary British fashion design superstar Vivian Westwood when her exhibition toured Milan.

It is certainly a different idea, that totally hits the mark as a co-branding exercise. A little risky, out there, different, in your face, but so the image that Bentley conveys. Just cool, but with history and tradition.

Here is an image from the Bentley Milano opening party.

As standard with new Bentley dealerships that open, the big wigs attend, as do the Italians with cool ideas. It was only a couple of weeks ago.

Here they are Dr Franz-Josef Paefgen, Bentley's Chairman and Chief Executive, Uli Eichorn, Bentley's director of engineering and the source of cool Luca Marzio Garavaglia the Manager Bentley Milano. You can just tell who they are by looking at them.

This photograph does give us a great up close look at the quite rare chrome wheels on the Continential. Certainly not the standard for this car.

Bentley Milano also features lighting by the Italian Jacopo Foggini. If the lighting is anything like Jacopo Foggini previous work below, it certainly will be amazing.

It seems that after the party the camera phone came out. Luca Garavaglia looks cool.

Unfortunatelty the Bentley Continential does not seem to be for sale. It is probably Garavaglia's personal car to roll down to the Piazzetta Reale in. Nice.

For some more giallo Bentley and Rolls Royce cars have a look here.

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