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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Bentley Project 116

Bentley and Mulliner Park Ward referred to this car as Project 116.

It is a light weight racing version of the Bentley Continental R.

The light weight diet saw it loose 200kg. That included half its vision. Mesh eye patches were added.

The car was commissioned by Carlo Talamo of Milan. The name plate reads 'Bespoke Sports Bentley Designed and Built to the Personal Specifications of Carlo Talamo.

There was also plenty of engine re-engineering to increase power.

More information can be sort here.

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At 6:58 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Car features:

- polished aluminium bonnet - no coating, Carlo Talamo wanted it to look used when he'd been driving it, but also wanted to be able to polish it up when he put it in his showroom.

- 200kg lighter than standard car. weight saving measures: Ali bonnet, jag xj220 fuel tank, no rear seats, no ICE, Fiat Coupe seats (retrimmed), no airbags

- Engine tuned on Cosworth test bed - 420bhp. Rammed direct air via removal of inner headlamps

- Top speed - 175mph (Millbrook oval)

- yellow Bentley badging - Carlo Talamo spec - his dealership was called Giallo Quaranto (Yellow 40)

At 12:06 am, Blogger michael said...

Who owns it now


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