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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bentley Special by Gibbs

The Gibbs Bentley Special first was written about previously here when not much information was know about the car.

Here are a couple of descriptions that accompanies this video.

'A Bentley race day featuring a very special Bentley built by Paul Gibbs (who sadly died earlier in 2007) and maintained by his two sons. The car is owned and driven by Alastair Head.'

'A Bentley meet featuring a very special car built by Paul Gibbs (sadly no longer with us), his wife and two sons, who now maintain the road/race Bentley.
'The Beast' is owned and driven by Alastair Head.'

The car features the a very special engine available from Phantom Motor Cars Ltd.

Here is a discription of then engine:

"Bentley Race Engines

Bentley 6.75 V 8 Twin Turbo 500 HP - Blackpool Project Race Engines.

Currently available; a limited number of Bentley 6.75 V8 twin turbo engines from the Blackpool project. These engines were a joint project between Bentley and Cosworth and were developed for special projects vehicles on behalf of the Sultan of Brunei

Idealy suited to a Special project or race Bentley.

Engine and gearbox £ 4,950.oo inc."

Quite one Bentley special.

Video courtesy (Paul Stiletto)

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