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Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Queen's Mascot

Courtesy of

"The Queen has her own mascot for use on official cars. The mascot was designed by the artist Edward Seago in the form of St George on a horse poised over a slain dragon. It is made of silver and can be transferred from car to car."

Click image for full high resolution detail.

More on the Queen's Bentley can be found here, and for a comparison between the Queen and Paris Hilton, have a look here.

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At 12:52 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's gorgeous. I'd read about it but never seen it till now. I think its interesting its new base has an 'elbow' in it, but it makes sense considering the slant of the hood and top of the grille.

At 3:18 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's not an elbow, look carefully and you can see it's an optical illusion caused by the straight base being reflected in the polished grille.


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