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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bentley Turbo R with Arnage Look

I do like the sound of this ebay seller.

He really tells it like it is. 'The car is very nice and very clean.'

'You are getting the BEST looking & most desirable color combination of Black on Black with the Red Leather Piping.'

Ebay item number: 280166041483

It is a 1990 Bentley Turbo R SCBZR03D1LCX31392 with 73000 miles on the clock and an asking price of US $29,900.00

What the best part of the ad is is the comment 'Bentley Turbo R with Arnage look'. It love it. That is exactly what it is. It looks Bentley Arnageish.

It is a simply case of having a mesh grill, with the addition on clear indicators.

That is all it is. It makes a 1981 car look well, today. Just make sure the bumper bars are the same colour as the car as well.

I could take it if it was right hand drive and in Aussie dollars.

Pictures courtesy ebay seller (fayruz73)

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