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Monday, November 12, 2007

Rollin' on 20" Dubs

How here is a bit of hip hop culture. Not 'skip hop' this time, as that refers to Australian hip hop. Not Brit pop either. It is in reference to American Hip Hop culture.

Linguists would surely be interested in the development and use of the word "dub" in American society. Dub is indeed one versatile word.

Firstly is does not refer is Dublin airport in this context. Nor does it refer to one being dubbed a Knight. These references are for the other side of the pond.

To dub is to copy a music recording form one medium to another. In film making it is process of recording or replacing the voices of characters. A dub plate is an acetate disc used in the process of studio recording to an LP record. Dub also refers to a style of music which is a sub genre of reggae music.

All those definitions refer in some way to music, however in this current context it does not.

It refers to 20" alloy wheels, or rims. It is said the term was developed from slang, where a $20 bag of marijuana is some areas is called a dub, and therefore 20" alloy wheels were also referred to as dubs.

Interestingly enough 22" rims are referred to as twinkie-twinkies, and a particular type of car that has up to 30" rims is called a donk. Below is a donk made by Spade Kreations which has a Rolls Royce Phantom front end, and 30" wheels. It's not one for the Rolls Royce purist.

I think that is enough hip hop culture for today. You have been schooled. Any more and it gets too scary.

The red Bentley is a 1995 Brooklands, which is rollin' on dubs and is currently for sale on ebay, item number 280171977910.

Now the dubs up close. At least they have 'B' centre caps. I might stick to the proper Bentley term of light alloy wheels though.

Below is a video by the rapper Master P with his song "I need Dubs". The video features two Rolls Royce Phantoms flanking a Bentley Continental GT all sporting dubs.

Forbes magazine has ranked Master P in the top 10 of American entertainers, with an income well past $50 million, and estimated business dealings worth more than $500 million. Hence the jewels on his dubs.

Pictures (Z Rated Motorcars)

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