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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Venting Graham

A Bentleyspotting reader Graham has a very nice 1996 Bentley Turbo R with some slight modifications. Take a look.

You can tell its a late model Turbo R because of the rear view mirrors. There was previously a debate to keep the vains or go to mesh and the mesh won.

Now look at the headlights. The clear indicators are go! It does make the car quite sleek and updated. Not that you can update a 1996 that much.

A careful observer would of noticed the colour coded headlight surrounds. Again the modification does update the car, and simply makes it cooler.

Now there is thought to put mesh in the under bumper like the Turbo RT.

So lets pull out photoshop and have a look how it would look!

I would do it! Click to see the larger image, it looks better.

Now to the title of this post. Venting Graham.

This is the Turbo R's front fender. It does not yet contain any vents. Vents, as posted earlier here do make the car much more sportier, sleeker and shows off a bit of the massive power under the bonnet.

So which vents should Graham put on?

The first obvious choice are the Mulliner vents from the Bentley Turbo RT Mulliner.

They also are on the Bentley Continental R Mulliner and the Bentley Azure Mulliner.

So lets put the vent on Grahams' car and have a look.

Vents make the car so much more visually powerful.

But this is Graham, he has clear indicators. So he is a forward thinker. That vent would be too normal. Lets think to the future. What is going to happen next year?

Well the 2008 Bentley Brooklands is going to be released. Lets take a look at the Brooklands vent.

The Brooklands vents are actually the same that the 2007 Arnage.

And as you guessed it, lets put the Brooklands vent on Grahams' Turbo R.

It certainly updates the car!

Now previously to the Brooklands was another version of the Arnage Mulliner vents. It was predominant on the Bentley Arnage T24 limited edition. They looked like this.

Stuck on to the Turbo R. Looks jolly good.

Now we have to think realistically here.

It is my understanding that it is not like you can simply called up Mulliner and say, "Orr, umm, Gday mate, I wanna get some Brooklands vents to stickon ma old Turbo R, thanks mate. No worries yeah?"

You probably could, but my guess is that the reply would be, "Yes sir, that will be 5000 pounds." Then its like, "But mate, it's just a bit of chicken wire and some plastic." "With a 500 pound delivery fee."

So where do you turn? Ebay or course!

And what vents are sold on ebay you may ask? Well, the new vents from the Range Rover Sport!

It was Grahams' idea, so lets stick them on his car!

Firstly low down, to keep with the modern Bentley vent look. I have to admit I am not 100% on the scale of these vents, they could be a little bigger or smaller than the visual representation here.

They would fool most people that they were not factory.

Now a look at the vent higher up, so you can keep the badges, and the Range Rover Sport vent was designed to be higher up.

It's my one line summation, and I think I'm going to fence sit. I actually can't decide which one is better.

I am thinking now I want to design my own vents. That is definitely a future project!

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