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Monday, July 16, 2007

Japanese Mags

Lets go on a quick tour of some Japanese used cars yards.

The Bentleys stand out a bit.

All of these Bentleys have aftermarket wheels, or rims or mags.

Most pictures come from car auctions. I just look at the pictures.

The fashion is not just with the Bentley Turbo R, but also with the Arnage.

There are even some actions just for Bentley wheels like here.

What I think would be cool is a 20" version of the standard light alloy Bentley Turbo R wheels. They would really look good.

So what happens with pretty much most Japanese second hand cars? Well they get exported to other markets of course, and end up in the classifieds.

Just like this autotrader ad.

The B is a nice touch.

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