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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Bentley Continentals in Russia

I do like to see Bentley cars from all around the world. Especially older continental cars on the continent. It makes sense to drive them there.

These three cars all been driven deep into the continent. So far across, that they have ended up in Russia.

The is a left hand drive Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spur.

They are an amazing car. Apparently only 7 were build for export.

It is a very practical car to take the family away for a holiday in. Or make that 3 girlfriends - or even four if they are all size 8. Bikinis do not take up much room.

As a random fact only 2 Bentley S3 Continental Flying Spurs were delivered to Australia new, and one of those cars was sold by Rob Bailey for AU$300,000 this year. About the same price as a new Bentley Continental Flying Spur.

Now if you are going on a grand tour with only one girlfriend, how about getting an R Type Continental - yes with the fastback body by HJ Mulliner.

Some lucky Russian has one.

Or if you are more into open top motoring in Russia how about this.

A Bentley S1 Continental drop head coupe.

The whitewalls do look good whilst motoring!

If you really want the R Type Continential it is currently for sale. By an art dealer/gallery. The details are below.

Bentley R-Type Continental

Старое время
г. Москва, Волоколамское шоссе, строение 116 Телефон: +7 (495) 643-78-85 Электронная почта:
Марка авто

220000 €

Год создания
Автомобиль прибыл в Россию в конце февраля 2006г.Состояние автомобиля - почти идеальное. Растаможен, поставлен на учёт. Первый в Росии R-Type. Объем двигателя - 4887 куб.см. Мощность - 177 л.с.

Pictures (faksta)

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