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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Car and Driver review of 2007 Bentley Arnage R

I thought Car and Driver was a serious magazine until I saw this video. It is rubbish.

But what I care about is this new Youtube hack that became public this week were you can watch youtube videos in higher quality, as high as 720p HD if it is available.

Let's see if it works with this video. Here is the standard youtube quality 320x240 in *.flv file.

And now let's try is high quality. It is 480x360 using the H.264 video compression codec *.mp4 file.

"It's hard to imagine a lifestyle so decadent that the Arnage would fit right in."

I'm not sure it that is right. You get get a used Arnage say a 2000 Red Label for well under $50,000, and that is not even trying to get a bargain. You could probably get a Arnage Green Label in the high $30's low $40's.

Check out this previous post about virtual Bentley Spotting using Google maps. It is pretty cool, and I spent way too much time on it!

More on the youtube hack here.

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