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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Bentley Silver Spur Park Ward Limousine by Mulliner

The title is correct. A Bentley Silver Spur Park Ward Limousine by Mulliner.

Well maybe. It is simply a unique coachbuilt car by Mulliner.

Let's try and work our the name from the VIN of SCBZV19E3XCX80259

SC = Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Limited, Bentley Motors (1931) Limited
B = Bentley
ZV = Silver Spur Park Ward Limousine
19 = 6.75 Litre V8, low pressure single Garrett turbocharger, catalytic converter OBDlI, non-intercooled
E = Twin airbags witih seat belt pretensioning
3 = Checksum Digit
X = 1999
C = Crewe
X = Left hand drive
80259 = Chassis Serial Number

So saying it is a Bentley Silver Spur Park Ward Limousine by Mulliner is technically correct, but kind of wrong.

It would be more appropriate to call it a Bentley Turbo RL 728, like the Bentley Arnage RL 728

It is even more special as it is a 1999 car and the Bentley Turbo R ceased production in 1998, hence making it one of the last cars of this body shape in existence.

Its just say it is very well specified.

According to the person who was selling the car, it was the private commission of one of the most wealthy women in the world.

Hence the features, such as crystal vases to make the car not faster, but simply better. Better than yours.

Yes mine is the best. It has a fridge.

As well as fold down dicky seats for the kids if they come along. Or my assistant. I make her face the wrong way so I look better and more important.

It has all these buttons that do things as well. With very nice wood. I like it.

I am not sure which lady owned the car, but here it a list of Forbes wealthiest women if you want to organise a date for tonight.

It had a buy it now price of $175,000 and a new tag of over $400,000. USD.

It's a bit of a special Bentley.

Pictures (bmyii here)

UPDATE: The car is now for sale by wildejaguar on ebay.

Item number: 400010092547 and I do like a good shot of an occasional seat/dicky seat/jump seat on display.

Now back to the name of this car. The name plate says it is a Mulliner.

Service document says Bentley Silver Spur Limo.

Door sill states coachbuilt by Mulliner Park Ward.

So call it what you may, or just stick with Bentley Special. Because it is a bit special.

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