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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bentley Arnage RL Limousines

The Bentley Arnage RL generally comes in three sizes of large, but Bentley Mulliner would probably make whatever length you would require.

They are referred to by the length of their extention compared to the standard Bentley Arnage R.

The Bentley Arnage RL 250.

Bentley Arnage RL 250mm

Above is the Arnage RL 250, which is generally referred to as just the Arnage RL, extended by 250mm. Then there is the Arnage RL 450, extended by 450mm and finally the Arnage RL 728, you guessed it, extended by 728mm.

Below is an example of the Bentley Arnage RL 728.

The 728 has been quite popular in the Chinese market. That's actually in the People's Republic, not the Chinese market in your local Chinatown.

Bentley Arnage 728

There is also a 'high roof' version called the Arnage RL 450 'HR' which has a higher roof than the standard raised roof of the Arnage RL 450 and the Arnage RL 728. More on that car here.

The Arnage RL 250 is extented only in the rear doors by the 250mm, and the Arnage RL 728 is extended in the rear door as well as an added centre piece between the doors as pictured above.

The Bentley Arnage RL 450 however is different.

The 450 is extended in the rear door by 250mm, but also in the rear D pillar by 200mm.

The Bentley Arnage RL 450.

It certainly is one impressive limousine in an unusually understated way.

The car is massive, yet in complete proportion.

All Bentley Arnage RL cars are not standard. Each one is individually specified by the customer and only made only when an order has been placed. There is no standard Arnage RL.

With this level of individualisation people tend to hang on to their Bentley Arnage RL cars, especially the 450 and the 728 versions.

Unusually a Bentley Arnage RL 450 is currently for sale in Germany.

Here it is in the same colours as the above press photography, sporting a vain grill not the standard mesh.

It is for sale from Bentley Stuttgart.

The car is brand new, still having the protective masking tape on the wood around the televisions and the centre console.

This photo does show just how much room is in the back from the extended wheelbase of 450mm.

Certainly enough room to stretch your legs out in the back as you watch telly.

The advertisement states that the car has a list price of 509.000,00 EUR

I do like the Hooper style rear discreet window.

The car is currently advertised on Classic Driver here.

The subwoofer position is a little bit of a surprise. A more discreet placement would be my call. Or just get rid of it.

Any takers?

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At 5:41 pm, Anonymous limousines hire said...

Every thing about this limousine is absolute perfect, specially color, seats ..........we can say luxury and comfort at its best

At 9:34 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is Jack Barclay Bentley with the huge sub woofer in the boot - he or had 2 of these cars one in Europe and one in the States


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